Monday, April 21, 2014

Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!

Hello family!!
Well. This week was great as always!

Monday night we got to go to teach ____ and ____ our new investigators that Sister ____ introduced us to last week. We taught them the Restoration and it was good.. We definitely realized after that lesson though that we really need to figure out what is going on with our flow with having a trio. It is difficult having more than one other person to teach with because sometimes you are fighting to get your comments in. So luckily later this last week we went to the first transfer training meeting and one of the activities we did there in a role-play opened our eyes and helped us figure out what works for us in teaching and since then it has been SO much better. It is great:) We are so much more organized and the Spirit is stronger now that we are working in better unity.

So when we went and taught them the second time, Thursday, we taught the Plan of Salvation.. It was amazing. The Spirit was literally so strong! and I truly love them so much. A really neat experience at that lesson was that they told us at the beginning of the lesson they JUST had a family member pass away about 2 days earlier. Then they started discussing about how at funerals everyone wears black and how it is so sad and dark.. but they don't want people to wear black at their funerals... they want everyone to wear white. I almost started crying.. Just thinking about them in white and going to the temple and even after this life when we all do get to meet up and celebrate together how we will all be wearing white. It was really special.

We taught our one Spanish investigator this week as well.. and it was actually a really really good experience. We sat at her table with her this time...and it was quiet- her kids were outside playing and it was amazing the difference the environment made. We were able to understand her and she really opened up to us. Even though we didn't use perfect Spanish in our responses, she respects us a lot I think and we feel like she has great potential. We just read from the Book of Mormon with her and asked her inspired questions about things and it was super good. We now say we need to have "____ -lessons" with everyone haha.

Other than that not a whole lot to report:) We played soccer again with the youth (and others) on Friday because the Easter egg hunt for the primary was Saturday morning and we didn't want to interfere with that time.. and it was a huge success!! Our investigator, ___ and her friend came and so did a ton of other people.. it has been good doing the soccer.

Yesterday we had Easter dinner with the Adkins family and it was so nice.. haha Home-cooked food, and TONS of it!! Casseroles upon casseroles.. yummmmy. and lots of desserts.

So, we did some service this week...helped planted a garden and some flowers!

We have way too much candy in our house for our own good.. Thanks to Mom's package and my companion's families, too! I gave a bunch of it away yesterday lol :) ...but not the good stuff, G'ma Weller! ;)

OH! big news as well.. I am staying here in Wallace! President told all of us at the meeting this past week what is happening. Sister Dickerson and I are staying in Wallace and sister Deacon is going to open a new area with a new sister this next transfer! Sister Lopez (my old comp) is going to be an English sister for one transfer! It is fun stuff:) There will be 10 Spanish Sisters after this next transfer and I don't think we will be getting any more for a while after that..

Well. If you didn't get the opportunity to watch the #becauseofHim video on go do it RIGHT NOW. It literally is amazing.. I cried the first time I watched it. I love it and I want to get it on a disk and use it year around!!!

I know that my Savior truly did suffer for me and everything I will ever experience in my life, and that He died for me. But not only did He die for me, He rose 3 days later in perfected form.. Which in His perfected form he came back and visited the people and showed them His scars.. His scars are eternal and a part of His perfected body because that sacrifice He made for us is eternal. I love Him so much, and I love the work I am so privileged to be called to do.

I love and miss you all so much!!!

-Hermana Weller

Friday, April 18, 2014

This Week in Wallace


I don't even know where to start with this past week.. It has been amazing. Honestly. So great.

So coming off last weekend, General Conference just started the week well:) Monday we went out with Sister ____(ward member) to a family that she knows that was taught before by elders. They are AMAZING. They are some of the most humble and loving people you will ever meet in your life. They gave us a "plancha" so we can make tortillas :) But we found their teaching record from a while back and they were only taught the first lesson.. so we are going tonight to teach them again! We are so excited. They are just so great.

Then Tuesday was zone conference a.k.a. best day of the year!!!!! We had normal meeting part of it where President Bernhiesel taught us and then we ate lunch and changed and we went outside and played ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and capture the flag. It was SO fun hahaha.. They split companionships up onto teams and so we all got to play different people. I of course just had so much fun sprinting around and winning every game we played haha. Soccer was hard because it was a really small area, but frisbee sent me back to the days at the MTC! It was so fun.. then the next day.. hahaha my companions were SO sore (hah!) and I was kinda sore- just shows how out of shape I have gotten!

We matched! We all wore RED!
Anyways. Lets get to some more of the real good stuff:)

So Friday we didn't have really any plans.. We didn't have any appointments set up and when we were planning for our day Thursday night we were all kinda worried that it was going to be a rough day. We set plans to go try and contact the referrals we had as well as the former investigators we found in the area book.. We finished planning and we were getting ready for bed and the thought came to me that we should fast the next day for miracles to happen and for us to find investigators. So I told my companions I thought we should fast and they thought it was a good idea so we did! The next day we woke up and fasted.. It was hard.. But I was determined to find investigators and to have a good day! We went into this trailor park where there were a few former investigators and started knocking doors. (It was an all Hispanic area here in Wallace) We knocked and knocked...and then the LAST door we knocked, I had a really good feeling about when we were walking towards it. They opened the door and we started speaking Spanish to them because the woman was Hispanic. She just let us right in without us even really asking haha. Then we come in and we realized they spoke English as well (because they were saying things to their kids in English). So we taught them in English! It was really really good. It was two young moms and one of them apparently has listened to elders before, but the other one had never even heard of Mormons and she seemed really interested. It was incredible. We walked out afterwards and we just started freaking out in the car! Heavenly Father blessed us so much for our sacrifice with fasting, and I am so grateful we can fast and receive such direct blessings from doing so.

We went and ate ice cream then to break our fast:) haha.. and then we ate dinner. It was funny.

Saturday!!!! WE PLAYED SOCCER with the Youth!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! We got the youth out to a field and played on Saturday morning for about 2 hours!! It was just so much fun. We think it is going to be so great for them.. We think by strengthening their relationships with each other in their ward, they will have a better support system and will want to come to church more. And then it will help their parents actually come, too because so many of them are less-active. So, it is just really exciting stuff, and it is a blast! :)

Well.. I can't really say a whole lot more about this week other than it was just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great. I love being a missionary. I love it so much.

I have been able to develop love for these people here that is not just a normal kind of love! It is truly the Lord's love for His people that I have been feeling. I don't want to leave Wallace! Who knows what transfers will bring.. but it is a possibility.

I have really strengthened my testimony in the prophet these past couple weeks.. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet and we need to listen to him and his council. It will truly help us. This is a really special time of year because we got to hear him and the apostles, and then now it is Easter.. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!! He helps me every day be better and becoming more like Him. I honestly love this work so much.

I love you all so much. Have a happy Easter and remember...I miss you so much.

-Hermana Weller

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Week in Wallace


Well. This has been an eventful week and the events haven't ended! haha!

So first off, we were able to go to the temple on Friday! That was such a great experience! I love the temple so much.. it is just so peaceful and I just feel so great after going. It was SO good!! I loved it. So that was an all day event. We went out for food afterwards and then came home and went to a couple of appointments.

Then Saturday we watched conference!! Woo! it was so good:) I think my favorite session was the Saturday morning session.. I was really impacted on how much they were speaking to the youth and how much they were emphasizing the fact that we need to have family scripture study, prayer, and FHE every week.. I will make sure I do that in my future family because I have been realizing lately that these are the last days...and that just as much as we are doing good and sharing the gospel around the world, Satan is very real and he is working just as hard.

Then we got to go and see the _____family we had been working with before I left! I was so glad to see them:) they have made some changes since before when we were visiting them. I feel like they are really ready to come to the Lord and they seem more willing to listen and do act on what we teach them. We got to watch the Sunday afternoon session with her as well at her home!

OH and that was one of the miracles this week!! We were at the church watching conference Saturday morning and then ___'s (the 13-yr old girl) dad came...he thought it was the Preisthood Session, so then he went back home and got their entire family and came back!! haha. It was amazing. So ____ was able to watch some of conference and the talks were perfect for them and their family:)

She is still struggling setting a FIRM date for baptism.. But we are still praying for her to be baptized this Saturday. She hasn't talked to her parents about it still though, and we don't know why... so we may have to push it back a week. ??She is great though. I love that girl! and I can't wait to send you pictures of when she is baptized!!

Hmm what else.. Tomorrow is "fun" zone conference day!! I am so excited for it because that means we get to play sports for the second half of our zone conference meeting!! I am so ready to just get out and play sports for a day.. I miss playing sports. Which speaking of... we are going to start doing Saturday soccer with the youth every week in this area, so if you can please find my ankle brace and send it to me that would be GREAT!!

We have been going out and running about 2-3 times a week.. it feels so good. and it is so nice because Sister Deacon used to run track and cross country so she pushes me! and sister dickerson is doing well!! She walks the track while we run and she says she is already losing weight:)

Well.. I don't know what else to talk about! But this conference was so good.. and preparing for it by teaching everyone about the importance of hearing the words of a prophet really strengthened my testimony about how it really is SO important for us to listen.. they truly are able to speak with our Heavenly Father and give us the guidance we need for this scary world we live in. I know that Thomas S. Monson has been called of God! He loves us so much.. He is such a good exemplar of our Savior and I really want to learn more from him and his talks that he gives and has given in the past!

Well.. I think that is all for this week:) I love you all so so so so so so much. Have a great week..

There are the same amount of talks from conference as there are weeks between conferences!! So start this week in reviewing conference talks:)

I love you.

-Hermana Weller
 We were able to go to the Raleigh Temple this week.
Here's our new companionship.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Back to the Country! Training New Missionary...

Hello!!! :)

This week has been good. I am back in Wallace and it is great.. The members really missed having sisters here. haha my companions were saying the other day "everyone loves you. They missed you so much!" because literally everyone is glad to see us back:) It is kinda fun in that way that we are able to have a little reunion.

So we had transfers on Tuesday.. My new companions names are Sister Deacon and Sister Dickerson. SIster Deacon is from California and sister Dickerson is from Utah. SIster Deacon has been companions with the sister who I know from school last year in Tucson! So she knows a good amount of Spanish, and she is pretty confident in it so it is good because it is kinda pushing me to try and speak more. SIster Dickerson is straight from the Mexico CCM! So she is constantly talking about it haha:) but she learned a good amount.. and here in Wallace like I said before, we teach a lot in English as well as Spanish so we should be good to go:) We found a lady this week who is from Honduras and speaks only Spanish. Before we met with here, we were able to do a whole "how to begin" lesson with her in Spanish and it was good!

This week has been really funny.. full of adventures. We went down to Burgaw and tried to find some people who've previously been on our records, but haven't been to church in a while. We ended up just going off-roading and having to trek through muddy dirt roads and stuff! It was really funny. While we were getting stuck in the mud, it started raining.. ugh! It just was too good! Haha...gotta laugh! We luckily had a dinner appointment that evening. Well, we earned our dinner appointment haha!

I love being back here after learning so much from my other companions in Fayetteville...Honestly I feel like a different missionary being here this time. What is even better is, I feel like I have come back to a different branch than before as well! The branch president is actually being very, very helpful and supportive in hastening the work and getting the active members involved in that. We went to branch council meeting the first night we got to Wallace and we discussed missionary work the majority of the time!! It is so great. That was such a struggle before because without the support of the main leaders in the branch not much can get done. Then the elders that work with us in the branch had a little meeting yesterday with us after church and we discussed our goals for this transfer and talked about what activities we should get going to strengthen the branch and things like that.. We are so lucky to work with these elders! They are so great, and we are really going to make things happen!!

______(our 13-yr old investigator) will be baptized on April 12th! We invited her to fast about that date yesterday at church.. we have a lesson with her later today so we will see what she says:)

I am so excited for General Conference this weekend!! WOOOHOO! It is going to be so great. I have really realized the importance and blessing it really is that we get to hear from a living prophet who talks with God. It is just amazing. The Women's Conference on Saturday was SO amazing.. the spirit was so strong the entire time. I loved it. Hope you got the chance to watch that, mom..and everyone else! Remember to watch it on if you didn't already.

The other good news is we get to go to the TEMPLE this week!!!!!!!! I am so excited:) I will get to see my last companion, Sister Lopez there (I think) too:)

Other than that I don't have a whole lot to report. I was so so stressed the first day or two of training because this is MY area, and I wanted to be EXACTLY obedient and show this new sister how we do things here I was stressed.. but I am relaxed now and back to normal me.

I drank some Dr.Pepper with my lunch this afternoon so I am like really hyper and I feel like I am just all over the place with my email. SO i am sorry for that:) But I love you SO much and just know how much I love you! I know how important this Church is, and having the Gospel as the foundation of our families is just so crucial in getting through the darkness of this world.

Ok well!.. Send me letters and stuff back to the old Wallace address! I might be getting transferred again this next transfer but who knows what will happen!!

Oh...We are starting to play soccer with the branch every week starting next week!!.. So I might need you to send me my cleats:))

Love you so much. Miss you so much!! Can't wait to TALK to you on Mother's Day!!

-Hermana Weller