Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Companion, Sister Ashworth

August 18 Raleigh MILAGROS

HOLA FAMILY!! I love and miss you all so much :) This has been seriously just such another amazing week.. You probably think I just say that every week because I am supposed to be having a good time out here on my mission but seriously. I couldn't ask for any more blessings right now. The Lord is blessing us SO much. This last week we continued to see miracles upon miracles.

First, starting off with the lesson we had with _____ this past week.. It was POURING rain this day and so we were driving to our next appointment and as we were driving I realized we would be passing by her house and I felt like we should stop! So we did.. We got DRENCHED as we ran from the car to her door haha.. but we had an amazing lesson. It was one of the most Spirit-lead and special lessons I have had on my mission. She shared with us some really personal experiences she has had in her past.. and talked again about _____ (her cousin who just recently died who was a former investigator--so sad). She had a dream once that was almost just like Lehi's dream... so we left her with 1 Nephi 11 to read on her own. She committed to pray about everything. We are excited for her. :) Please keep her in your prayers.

Then these are the best stories ever. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?

Okay so Wednesday we went over to visit our family of investigators, _____'s :) When we got there they started telling us about the experience they had had. So the dad works with granite.. countertops and such. He needed to get a truck to be able to do his work better and to be able to find more work. So they prayed. He said that he prayed to God and asked Him that if everything we had taught them-- if Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Church was really true.. he asked that God would help him get a truck to answer those questions . The next day, they found a truck to buy! He said he knows everything is true. God answered his prayer and he knows that this is the true church and that everything we have taught them is the truth!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! Literally I was going to just bust out crying when they told us that.. And it really build his wife's faith, too. She I guess in the past she has had a harder time believing in God and in prayer and things.. and after that experience they had she knows that if you ask God in faith, He WILL answer your prayers :) man. Seriously. MILAGROS! (miracles)

Then. fast-forward to Saturday. We were out with a member to visit some people but they weren't home. So we get a call from ___ (the dad of the family that prayed) asking if we were going to come over that day. We said yes! Cause now we had an opening. He said well can you just come right now! So we went over there with the member that was with us and it was perfect! We finally got to teach them the plan of salvation all the way through with the little visual aide and everything.. and I can't even explain to you what happened.. It is one of those "priceless moments". As we explained the Celestial Kingdom and the fact that they could be together as a family- in a FAMILY UNIT FOREVER, they looked at each other with the biggest smiles on their faces and were just SO excited. I cant even express how incredible of a feeling it was! They loved it so much. and we invited them to be baptized on August 30th and ___, the dad, said YES. He would be baptized tomorrow if he could.. and his daughter loves church too. But ___, the mom, was still a little bit unsure about it. She wants more time. So we have been praying like CRAZY that she will have the experiences she needs to have to come unto the Lord and be baptized... for some reason we felt really prompted to set 3 as our baptismal goal this month and here we are :) They want to be baptized.. they know it is all true :) I cant even express my feelings haha.. God is just amazing.. He works on His elect people SO much and even though just a week or two ago I felt like we had messed up completely because we can't speak Spanish all that well....He has made up for those weaknesses and helped them feel the truth still. IS TODAY NOT A DAY OF MIRACLES?!?!? I SAY UNTO YOU NAY! :)

(Moroni 7:29)

Other than that.. a few not as spiritual things hahaha.. so the other day we went to have dinner at a less-active family's house that we go to all the time. As usual, I didn't park in the little "visitors parking" because we never do and nothing ever happens. BUT. mid-meal.. there was a knock and this Hispanic man said "¿Tienen visitantes con un carro rojo?" (Do you guys have visitors with a red car?) and we were like "¡si!" And then they were like.. "well you probably want to move it! so we literally ran out the door to the car" and I jumped in the front seat and my comp got out to back me up...And because she was back there backing me up the tow truck guy couldn't get under our car to tow us away!!! He got the car next to us instead haha.. But it was crazy haha.. we would have been in big trouble.. :)

Then the other story.. this week we went to this one sister's house for dinner and ate posole (i am so glad you know how to make that now mom haha it is so good) and then after we asked her, "well why don't we come back in a couple days and help you organize your pantry?" ...because it was a disaster and she could use our help! So we come back a few days later......... and started in the project not thinking it would be more than an hour or so.. but as we got to it... we found an infestation in everything! YIKES! But after we were done it looked nice and we were glad we got to do that for her.. she has been kind of depressed. So, it was great we were able to serve someone who needed it.

Other than that.. I think that is it for this week. Please just pray for the ____'s that we wont have any sudden barriers and that they can be baptized on the 30th :) Thanks!! I love you all so so so so so so much. have a fantastic week. Trust in the Lord! Miracles can happen when we have faith in Him and trust that He loves us enough to do so.

Con Amor,

Hermana Weller :)