Friday, April 4, 2014

Back to the Country! Training New Missionary...

Hello!!! :)

This week has been good. I am back in Wallace and it is great.. The members really missed having sisters here. haha my companions were saying the other day "everyone loves you. They missed you so much!" because literally everyone is glad to see us back:) It is kinda fun in that way that we are able to have a little reunion.

So we had transfers on Tuesday.. My new companions names are Sister Deacon and Sister Dickerson. SIster Deacon is from California and sister Dickerson is from Utah. SIster Deacon has been companions with the sister who I know from school last year in Tucson! So she knows a good amount of Spanish, and she is pretty confident in it so it is good because it is kinda pushing me to try and speak more. SIster Dickerson is straight from the Mexico CCM! So she is constantly talking about it haha:) but she learned a good amount.. and here in Wallace like I said before, we teach a lot in English as well as Spanish so we should be good to go:) We found a lady this week who is from Honduras and speaks only Spanish. Before we met with here, we were able to do a whole "how to begin" lesson with her in Spanish and it was good!

This week has been really funny.. full of adventures. We went down to Burgaw and tried to find some people who've previously been on our records, but haven't been to church in a while. We ended up just going off-roading and having to trek through muddy dirt roads and stuff! It was really funny. While we were getting stuck in the mud, it started raining.. ugh! It just was too good! Haha...gotta laugh! We luckily had a dinner appointment that evening. Well, we earned our dinner appointment haha!

I love being back here after learning so much from my other companions in Fayetteville...Honestly I feel like a different missionary being here this time. What is even better is, I feel like I have come back to a different branch than before as well! The branch president is actually being very, very helpful and supportive in hastening the work and getting the active members involved in that. We went to branch council meeting the first night we got to Wallace and we discussed missionary work the majority of the time!! It is so great. That was such a struggle before because without the support of the main leaders in the branch not much can get done. Then the elders that work with us in the branch had a little meeting yesterday with us after church and we discussed our goals for this transfer and talked about what activities we should get going to strengthen the branch and things like that.. We are so lucky to work with these elders! They are so great, and we are really going to make things happen!!

______(our 13-yr old investigator) will be baptized on April 12th! We invited her to fast about that date yesterday at church.. we have a lesson with her later today so we will see what she says:)

I am so excited for General Conference this weekend!! WOOOHOO! It is going to be so great. I have really realized the importance and blessing it really is that we get to hear from a living prophet who talks with God. It is just amazing. The Women's Conference on Saturday was SO amazing.. the spirit was so strong the entire time. I loved it. Hope you got the chance to watch that, mom..and everyone else! Remember to watch it on if you didn't already.

The other good news is we get to go to the TEMPLE this week!!!!!!!! I am so excited:) I will get to see my last companion, Sister Lopez there (I think) too:)

Other than that I don't have a whole lot to report. I was so so stressed the first day or two of training because this is MY area, and I wanted to be EXACTLY obedient and show this new sister how we do things here I was stressed.. but I am relaxed now and back to normal me.

I drank some Dr.Pepper with my lunch this afternoon so I am like really hyper and I feel like I am just all over the place with my email. SO i am sorry for that:) But I love you SO much and just know how much I love you! I know how important this Church is, and having the Gospel as the foundation of our families is just so crucial in getting through the darkness of this world.

Ok well!.. Send me letters and stuff back to the old Wallace address! I might be getting transferred again this next transfer but who knows what will happen!!

Oh...We are starting to play soccer with the branch every week starting next week!!.. So I might need you to send me my cleats:))

Love you so much. Miss you so much!! Can't wait to TALK to you on Mother's Day!!

-Hermana Weller

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