Friday, April 18, 2014

This Week in Wallace


I don't even know where to start with this past week.. It has been amazing. Honestly. So great.

So coming off last weekend, General Conference just started the week well:) Monday we went out with Sister ____(ward member) to a family that she knows that was taught before by elders. They are AMAZING. They are some of the most humble and loving people you will ever meet in your life. They gave us a "plancha" so we can make tortillas :) But we found their teaching record from a while back and they were only taught the first lesson.. so we are going tonight to teach them again! We are so excited. They are just so great.

Then Tuesday was zone conference a.k.a. best day of the year!!!!! We had normal meeting part of it where President Bernhiesel taught us and then we ate lunch and changed and we went outside and played ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and capture the flag. It was SO fun hahaha.. They split companionships up onto teams and so we all got to play different people. I of course just had so much fun sprinting around and winning every game we played haha. Soccer was hard because it was a really small area, but frisbee sent me back to the days at the MTC! It was so fun.. then the next day.. hahaha my companions were SO sore (hah!) and I was kinda sore- just shows how out of shape I have gotten!

We matched! We all wore RED!
Anyways. Lets get to some more of the real good stuff:)

So Friday we didn't have really any plans.. We didn't have any appointments set up and when we were planning for our day Thursday night we were all kinda worried that it was going to be a rough day. We set plans to go try and contact the referrals we had as well as the former investigators we found in the area book.. We finished planning and we were getting ready for bed and the thought came to me that we should fast the next day for miracles to happen and for us to find investigators. So I told my companions I thought we should fast and they thought it was a good idea so we did! The next day we woke up and fasted.. It was hard.. But I was determined to find investigators and to have a good day! We went into this trailor park where there were a few former investigators and started knocking doors. (It was an all Hispanic area here in Wallace) We knocked and knocked...and then the LAST door we knocked, I had a really good feeling about when we were walking towards it. They opened the door and we started speaking Spanish to them because the woman was Hispanic. She just let us right in without us even really asking haha. Then we come in and we realized they spoke English as well (because they were saying things to their kids in English). So we taught them in English! It was really really good. It was two young moms and one of them apparently has listened to elders before, but the other one had never even heard of Mormons and she seemed really interested. It was incredible. We walked out afterwards and we just started freaking out in the car! Heavenly Father blessed us so much for our sacrifice with fasting, and I am so grateful we can fast and receive such direct blessings from doing so.

We went and ate ice cream then to break our fast:) haha.. and then we ate dinner. It was funny.

Saturday!!!! WE PLAYED SOCCER with the Youth!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! We got the youth out to a field and played on Saturday morning for about 2 hours!! It was just so much fun. We think it is going to be so great for them.. We think by strengthening their relationships with each other in their ward, they will have a better support system and will want to come to church more. And then it will help their parents actually come, too because so many of them are less-active. So, it is just really exciting stuff, and it is a blast! :)

Well.. I can't really say a whole lot more about this week other than it was just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great. I love being a missionary. I love it so much.

I have been able to develop love for these people here that is not just a normal kind of love! It is truly the Lord's love for His people that I have been feeling. I don't want to leave Wallace! Who knows what transfers will bring.. but it is a possibility.

I have really strengthened my testimony in the prophet these past couple weeks.. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet and we need to listen to him and his council. It will truly help us. This is a really special time of year because we got to hear him and the apostles, and then now it is Easter.. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!! He helps me every day be better and becoming more like Him. I honestly love this work so much.

I love you all so much. Have a happy Easter and remember...I miss you so much.

-Hermana Weller

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