Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Week in Wallace


Well. This has been an eventful week and the events haven't ended! haha!

So first off, we were able to go to the temple on Friday! That was such a great experience! I love the temple so much.. it is just so peaceful and I just feel so great after going. It was SO good!! I loved it. So that was an all day event. We went out for food afterwards and then came home and went to a couple of appointments.

Then Saturday we watched conference!! Woo! it was so good:) I think my favorite session was the Saturday morning session.. I was really impacted on how much they were speaking to the youth and how much they were emphasizing the fact that we need to have family scripture study, prayer, and FHE every week.. I will make sure I do that in my future family because I have been realizing lately that these are the last days...and that just as much as we are doing good and sharing the gospel around the world, Satan is very real and he is working just as hard.

Then we got to go and see the _____family we had been working with before I left! I was so glad to see them:) they have made some changes since before when we were visiting them. I feel like they are really ready to come to the Lord and they seem more willing to listen and do act on what we teach them. We got to watch the Sunday afternoon session with her as well at her home!

OH and that was one of the miracles this week!! We were at the church watching conference Saturday morning and then ___'s (the 13-yr old girl) dad came...he thought it was the Preisthood Session, so then he went back home and got their entire family and came back!! haha. It was amazing. So ____ was able to watch some of conference and the talks were perfect for them and their family:)

She is still struggling setting a FIRM date for baptism.. But we are still praying for her to be baptized this Saturday. She hasn't talked to her parents about it still though, and we don't know why... so we may have to push it back a week. ??She is great though. I love that girl! and I can't wait to send you pictures of when she is baptized!!

Hmm what else.. Tomorrow is "fun" zone conference day!! I am so excited for it because that means we get to play sports for the second half of our zone conference meeting!! I am so ready to just get out and play sports for a day.. I miss playing sports. Which speaking of... we are going to start doing Saturday soccer with the youth every week in this area, so if you can please find my ankle brace and send it to me that would be GREAT!!

We have been going out and running about 2-3 times a week.. it feels so good. and it is so nice because Sister Deacon used to run track and cross country so she pushes me! and sister dickerson is doing well!! She walks the track while we run and she says she is already losing weight:)

Well.. I don't know what else to talk about! But this conference was so good.. and preparing for it by teaching everyone about the importance of hearing the words of a prophet really strengthened my testimony about how it really is SO important for us to listen.. they truly are able to speak with our Heavenly Father and give us the guidance we need for this scary world we live in. I know that Thomas S. Monson has been called of God! He loves us so much.. He is such a good exemplar of our Savior and I really want to learn more from him and his talks that he gives and has given in the past!

Well.. I think that is all for this week:) I love you all so so so so so so much. Have a great week..

There are the same amount of talks from conference as there are weeks between conferences!! So start this week in reviewing conference talks:)

I love you.

-Hermana Weller

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