Monday, October 20, 2014

Raleigh Temple with Sis. Ashworth

Raleigh Skyline

Strange Week!


So this week was a little weird because we emailed last week and then we went and did normal stuff the rest of the day. and then Friday we went to the temple and then had a preparation day after that! So it just threw me off! haha :)

But. okay- so we saw ____ and ____ and had an amazing lesson with them. We watched the talk by Elder Bednar ( that was for the non-members of the church.. It was a really good experience because they got to watch a true apostle of the Lord speak to the world! and it was directed to them, and helped them really understand even more why we are here trying to share this great message with them. We then discussed discerning truth and really how we know if things are from God or not. Then they told us about all the changes they have been making all on their own! They have been trying to not watch as many novelas haha or tv in general! they deleted the games off their phones that they were wasting a ton of time on.. and they have been trying to replace that time with actually talking together as a family and reading the Bible! (we are getting them to read the Book of Mormon too) But they are doing these things because of the added Spirit that they have felt and that is in their home :) the gospel literally changes people in so many different ways.

They basically were just saying how they have more desires to follow Christ and they know that the Lord has sent us to them. So we opened up to 2 Nefi 31 and read:

"And he said unto the children of men: Follow thou me. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, can we follow Jesus save we shall be willing to keep the commandments of the Father?

And the Father said: Repent ye, repent ye, and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son."

and then we asked them if they have prayed about being baptized and truly following Christ.. and they said honestly, no we havent actually prayed specifically about that. We said how come? and then they were like.. well we feel like now we really HAVE to. we NEED to know.. we have to get rid of the doubts that we have and the wonders that we have.. but they are just a little nervous to ask God. (BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER haha) and so they are basically going to try and have a Joseph Smith experience.. they wanted to set a specific time to be all alone, no distractions and to be able to pray and ask God if this is the true church or not, and if they need to be baptized. so we are SO excited!!! we get to go see them tomorrow :) we are actually going to go see them 30 mins after the transfer meeting is over haha! so my new greenie better be ready to hit the ground running! haha:)

I dont know anything about my new companion I am getting this week, all i know is she is american.. The Mexican sister i was supposed to get is STILL not ready to come out into the field because of her enlgish but none the less i am excited to be a mama! and train.. I am a bit nervous still.. but it should be good :)

___ and ___ are not really progressing still :( we had a good lesson the other day with them.. we talked about coffee and about them getting married AGAIN haha. They had another really neat faith building experience. They prayed the last week that they would be able to sell all the food and make the amount of money they needed to so that they would be able to go to church the next day, and they did! and they were able to go to sleep and come to church! but then this week they didnt come to church again.. so it is hard. We are really trying to discern what we need to do.. ___ is very stubborn about getting rings before they are married. She isnt going to get married without rings -___- but her goal is by December. We may just have to be more patient with them and continue to help them be strong and ready to be baptized.

funny story from this week... We had called this new investigator lady to set up a time to go and see her and she told us a very specific time. we even called a couple hours before to verify because she lives kinda far away. then as we were walking through the apt complex to get over to her apt i saw her from a far and she looked and saw us and then literally grabbed her daughter and RAN inside. then we still went over there and her sister was outside and she told us she wasnt there.. i was like seriously? hahahahaha i have never had anyone RUN from me..

The bishop and his family are so great in this ward! He is american (from utah) but speaks perfect spanish and his wife is from Spain. she is such a character hahaha. they are also very well off.. sooooo good news is that when we come back here to visit NC we can go and stay at their beach house on carolina beach and hang out with them! woop woop! :) He was so sweet, yesterday he told us that he really really appreciates us and loves us! He doesnt want sister Ashworth to leave. lol.

Well. That is about it for this week.. We have had a bit of a shortage of investigators lately, we are trying to rebuild our pool but it is just really hard for some reason right now. #doublingmyfaith

I am so grateful for the abilities we all have.. and that we are all able to receive personal confirmation of the truths of the gospel. I know that it is so important, like Elder Uchtdorf said in general conference, for us to gain spiritual light and knowledge every single day. I am amazed how things I have studied and learned in the past continue to just be impressed and illuminated more in my mind as I study them out more and teach them to others. Make sure you as well are doing all you can each day to gain more spiritual light and then share it with someone!

I love you all so much. Have an amazing day and week!!! (and dont forget its my birthday in about 3 1/2 weeks :) )

-Hermana Weller <3

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ATTENTION!! B-day...

Hola, haha :)

Just a reminder to everyone out there! my birthday IS in ONE month. The big 2-0. :)

anyways.. what a good week i have had!!! and seriously this next week is going to be so good!

We get to go to the temple again on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So today we are only emailing home and doing shopping/laundry and then we are proselyting the rest of the day! then friday after the temple is our day to do whatever :)

okay this is probably going to be a shorter email because I dont have a lot of time!! sorry!

We had zone conference this past week! It was really good. really spiritual.. I never want this time to end. gah! haha and then we got to watch meet the mormons! (just at the church as missionaries) but we had to leave part of the way through because we had an appointment to get to! but it was really good! i enjoyed it :) hope y'all have gone to see it as well!!

I guess because i dont have much time, i just want to express how much I love being a missionary and just how much i truly do know that we have a Heavenly Father that knows and loves us so much... With all these people we are visiting and trying to find, it is all so lead by his power and his wisdom. We are nothing without him in this work! We arent just trying to help people be better people... we are helping them truly come unto Christ and it is possible because of the help the Lord gives to us. I know this church is true. I really do. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I finished it again this week.. It is my favorite book.. It is so good. It is the word of God.

Have a good week everyone! i love you all so much and i appreciate all your love and support SO much.

-hermana Weller

 Doing a service project for the food banks
 My favorite place, the Temple.
Our district of sisters, driving to meeting