Monday, January 12, 2015

My Raleigh 3rd Ward Days Are Over... :(

WELL.. sadly, I received news that I will be transferring from Raleigh tomorrow. I kinda have had a feeling that it would happen, and I almost even feel like it is what I need right now in my mission. So it is good but it was really hard yesterday at church! I had to bear my testimony and as soon as I got up there I started crying.. Ugh such a baby haha. But honestly I have come to love this ward SO much.. these people are just so amazing!!!!!! I just keep the hope that I will come back here soon and be able to see them again and keep in contact with them through FB too :) i just love them so much. I am so grateful that the Lord lets me have this much love for His children.. and even though I dont even know them THAT well! I mean I do, but really I don't lol.. So I am just really grateful that He has given me the capacity to love His children so much :)

So this week was a good one! (with the exception of the day I got sick)
We got to see a few new investigators- ____ is one that we found the week before and she actually is a relative of a lot of the members in our ward! They apparently have tried sharing the gospel with her multiple times with different videos and stuff.. but shes never been formally taught. So it was neat because we literally un-knowingly tracted into her apt and then we taught her twice this past week and it was super super good. We really feel like we have gotten to the point of understanding the Restoration and how to teach it with the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (and specifically baptism).. so by the end of that lesson when we invited her to be baptized she said yeah, if I get to the point of feeling it is true and that is what God wants me to do I will! she hasn't ever been baptized in a church before so that makes things even better. because that is often a difficult thing to have to say-- that their baptism wasn't "valid"..
We also went to her house the day between our lessons with her to walk her dog!! It was so fun!

IT WAS SO COLD THIS WEEK. Literally one day the highest I saw it get was 28 degrees... In the morning it was like 17. I HATE THE COLD hahaha..
But that I think it what took the toll on me this week! So many people here that we visit are sick.. because the weather is CRAZY. and so the other day I woke up and I felt really sick.. my throat hurt so so badly and i felt ferverish.. but I took some tylenol and thought i would just stick it out.. then we went and did service at the food bank that day.. and about half way through i was just SO tired I was like I cant do this.. haha we need to go home. So We went home and I progressively just realized how bad I was feeling. But luckily one of the sweet sisters called because she felt impressed to just check up on us! and I told her I had caught the inevitable cold.. and she just wanted to do everything possible to help me :) it was so sweet! haha. a couple other sisters called that day to make sure I was okay.. I was fine! lol, I just needed to sleep and stay out of the cold. :) one of them brought me a tea and did some kind of Hispanic stuff to me to get rid of my fever and I think it helped! now its just all stuffed up in my head..

So on Tuesday we were supposed to see ___ and her girls.. but she has been sick. So we didn't get to, but then we had the thought when they cancelled- oh! we should invite ___ (the 13 year old daughter) to go to mutual!! and we can go with her! So we called to make sure that mutual was happening and it was.. so we called ___ and she came! A member went and picked her up, and when we got there.. haha we realized we had literally picked the BEST mutual activity to go to. It was a progressive dinner and at the end we had a bonfire!! They burned a bunch of Christmas trees.. it was so great :)) we had fun as well!

Man... we also had an AMAZING zone training meeting this week.. it was really spirit filled, and then emotional at the same time because the elders told me at the beginning of the meeting that I was getting transferred and then we had to do a role-play during the meeting as if we were teaching one of our friends or family members we want to share the gospel with.. and then it all just came out haha.. But it was a great lesson because really that is the love that I wish I could have for every single person I meet!!! the love that I have for the person I role-played teaching and started crying because I just want them to know these things.. so that is one of my new goals and something I really want to focus on is having even more love for the people in my new area :)

One other thing-- there is a girl who is about my age n our ward who recently went through a lot with her depression and stuff.. and even almost took her life. Well, the elders were visiting her and helping her a lot after that happened (in October) and now she is getting more active again and she came out with us the other day!!! she told us when we were on exchange that she has decided she wants to serve a mission now.. she wants to be able to think of others and not herself any more and so she wants to start preparing to go out in about a year :) it was incredible.. and then she was talking about how big of an impact the elders made on her.. and it was just really special. We called the elders that night and told them and they were like crying.. it was so neat. I am so grateful for the amazing elders we work with... they are fantastic. haha Elder Fowers and I have pretty much been in the same area my entire mission.. and so I wonder if I will go where he is going to be district leader again now this transfer haha!

Sister Swalberg is stressed about having me leave and she is going to have to take over the area.. I feel bad. But I know she is going to do great :) I am sad I am leaving her after only being together for 3 months.. but we are gonna be bffs for ever haha :)

ok well.. sorry that there wasn't a TON to report on from this week. But it was really good. Hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Talk to you later. <3

-Hermana Weller

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