Monday, December 8, 2014

Mamita Chula

Great week for sure!!!! :) como siempre.. haha

So I had a really great study earlier this week that really put me in my place haha. I was reading this talk "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" and it just really hit me this time when i was reading it the part when it was talking about TALKING WITH EVERYONE, and how the Lord has truly COMMANDED us to do that.. to preach the gospel to EVERY person.. every single person that we see is His daughter or son.. and they need what we have. and I dont know how or what happened, but literally it was just like an over night change. I just from then on have had NO FEAR and I have literally just been talking to everyone I see. If there is someone outside, it doesnt matter if they dont speak spanish, we go and talk to them. And we think we have seen HUGE blessings from that. This week we had 2 days where we taught 5 lessons and by the end of those days.. we were literally EXHAUSTED. it says in that talk also that consecrated missionaries put every drop of energy into the work.. and honestly by the end of that day... I felt like that is what I had done. It was a very rewarding feeling :) we felt super accomplished.

A neat experience with that that we had this week was, we went over to invite ___ (our old investigator) to the community Christmas activity that we had this weekend. (it was amazing... i will tell you more about it in a bit!) and when we pulled up to her house there were some men outside of her neighbors house. SO of course.. we went to go and talk to them. They were luckily Hispanic :) so we wanted to just invite them to come to the activity too, but then they started asking us questions and stuff because they had heard of Mormons before.. had watched videos on Youtube or something I guess.. anyways.. it was a very interesting conversation. and they were talking super fast, and I got a little lost at times... but by the end we gave them Restoration pamphlets because literally everything they are really confused about in their religion is answered with the Restoration, and then gave them #HeistheGift cards and an invitation to the activity. We wrote our number on the back of the pamphlet and told him to call us if he had any questions about what the pamphlet said. The next morning... we got a call. He read the entire pamphlet!!! He wanted to know if we could give him a Book of Mormon because he wants to read it and know the doctrine that it teaches in there for himself. :O It was so great. He made it clear that he just wanted to meet up and get the Book and be able to read it on his own.. he isn't interested in changing his religion, so we are going to meet up with him this week. and then hopefully we get another phone call telling us that he read the entire Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized lol. ;) #miracles!! #talkwitheveryone!

After that though, we had a really good lesson again with _____ and her girls. :) they are so cute! and we invited them to be baptized on the 27th of this month.. they said yes, they are going to pray about it. We are really excited for that :)

Then we got to see ______ and _____ twice this week! We had a couple really good lessons, and we showed _____ how she is really really close to having learned everything she needs to know to be baptized! she really wants to, but now _____ has 2 jobs.. and is working insane hours. and she is working Sundays ---- sooo. we will see what we can do this week to help her understand and realize again how big of a step this is that her daughter is wanting to take.

Oh.. the title of this email is "mamita chula" because there is this less active woman that we visit and her kids are now coming back to church every week! which is super great.. but she calls me mamita chula. like ALL the time haha everything is "siiii mamita chula", "gracias mamita chula" haha its so funny.. so we have been using that one jokingly a lot lately ;) *for those who don't know, it means something like "pretty mama" or "cute thing"

Miracle at the Food Bank this week when we did service there!! We have started praying before going into the food bank to have more experiences and opportunities while we are there to share the gospel!! and this day was amazing. We went in and got paired up with this lady from Colombia!! we got to speak Spanish with her! She of course asked us lots of questions about what we did as missionaries and stuff.. and she had known a Mormon in the past.. and then we invited her to go to the community event too! We don't think she ended up coming because she wasn't there at least when we were there.. but that is okay. We just really hope we can serve with her again at the food bank and this time get her phone number or address so we can actually come and visit her :) she was sooo nice. It was amazing.

We also had a very long interesting conversation with one of the other main guys there about religion and controversial topics like gay marriage and stuff like that.. it was interesting. but good.. the Lord is seriously blessing us so much. I love it :)

SO. the Community Christmas event was amazing. They had gathered together like 300 nativity scenes and decorated the gym really really nice and there were choirs from other churches and schools in the community singing the entire time. it was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We went and helped work it on Thursday and saturday. It was just so good!!! It brought a lot of people into the building to feel the Spirit and help them remember the true meaning of Christmas :)) There were some familiar nativities there too, which was neat. I felt right at home!

Pues.. I love you all so so so so so much. Hope that you have already watched the #HeistheGift video and have tried sharing it in many different ways :) it is a great way to talk with random people!!! love you again! have a good one.

-Hermana Weller <3

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