Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola Familia,

Mom: (my middle school Spanish teacher)I love spanish!! haha :) i bet you never thought you would hear me say that now did you?!?! ;)

Well Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! :) Hope it was a good one.

I know you want to know how mine was.. so I will tell you quickly because we acually didnt do a whole lot!! So in the morning we had organized to go and play sports with the women/girls while the men played too.. turns out the elders told us a totally different place of where the men were going to be (...elders...) but it turned out fine because we just had a few people and it was really fun :)

I was really hoping that I was going to feel good enough to play and everything because all week I had been feeling really gross just nauseous a lot.. but it was all good! We had a ton of fun :) It was pretty cold, but it was fine.

Then we went home and showered and did our normal studies and then went over to Daisy's house. We thought we were going to be eating pretty soon to when we had gone over there, so we had told a couple other people that we would go and be with them too.. but turned out we didn't eat until like 5.. so we spent a couple hours just playing some games and listening to Christmas music. Then we ate with her family... and we ate: enchiladas, arroz con pollo, and tacos. hahaha... no turkey in sight.. no stuffing or mashed potatoes... no pie. Although it was yummy, it wasn't our typical Thanksgiving! BUT, that was actually okay because we started eating and I just felt AWFUL. I thought I was going to throw up all over the place haha.. SOOO we went home and I just crawled up into bed haha. But we had a good 1st half of the day at least!

Okay but back tracking to the first half of the week now..

so we got to see ____ again, como siempre! But ____ was out shopping for Thanksgiving food with her husband so it was just us and _____... But it was amazing because we had prepared to teach her about the temple and the word of wisdom. and when we got there she told us about how she recently started reading the old testament from the beginning and she was just reading the other day about the temple they built and all the different things that they would do there and how specific it was and we were just like... this is perfect! because we wanted to teach you about how we have those same temples on the earth TODAY! :) we brought some pictures of our temples and talked about how sacred they are and everything.. then talked about the WOW and she actually really liked it! She has a hard time with coffee, but she totally understands why we shouldn't drink it. We are really really trying to get a firm date still with her for bautismo though.. that is really our focus this week. Ether 12:6.. she has to just take some steps into the dark to know.

Well we had a really good week in finding.. We had 6 new investigators this week.. Makes up for all the past weeks that we have been struggling for sure!! The members have been helping us with that :) 4 of them were because of members..

We are teaching a new family- a single mom and her 2 girls. They are so great.. We taught the plan of salvation the other day and when we invited them to be baptized she said yes.. she has been through kinda a lot in her life and it is really really hard to be a single mom.. so she really just wants that fresh start. that "pagina en blanca". They came to church yesterday.. so good :)

We met a man the other day when we decided to knock the door next to a potential investigator.. and he is amazing.. unfortunately he doesn't speak any Spanish.. but the English elders have a treat coming for them! he told us he LOVES Mormon Tabernacle Choir and then he randomly was like..oh you know something else I really agree with you about? baptism by immersion like Christ was. ahahaha.. What?? and then he told us just a lot of good things have been going on in his life recently and he is starting to go back to church.. so basically the Lord lead us to Him and we really felt like it was inspired getting to talk to him and pass him onto English elders.

oh!! the other day ____, one of the members from Wallace who I really loved, and we were friends (she is my age) came and we had lunch together!!!!!!!! :) it was the best!! She is so sweet.. she gave me a really cute ring so that i don't ever forget her! haha i love her! :)

Here we are:

I am so excited for this time of year.. I honestly am so grateful I get to be a missionary right now at this time. With the whole #heisthegift thing, we just have been given a bunch of cards to give out with that on them, and we have been watching the video with some of our members. But I had an amazing study this morning.. I just read the different accounts in the scriptures that talk about the Savior's birth.. I am incredibly grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, I love Him SO much. I am so grateful that He was willing to do what He did so that I have the opportunity and chance to change every single day!

This week I had an impacting study in realizing that the mandate from the Lord to TALK WITH EVERYONE is really a commandment.. not just a suggestion. and in order for me to be a "consecrated missionary" I need to do it. and So with the help of the Lord, I have been able to change (rather quickly too) and have the courage to just be awkward sometimes and literally talk to every single person we see. Its been really great so far. I love it!

Last night I got to eat a real thanksgiving dinner with our bishop's family.. :) I was superrr grateful for that as well.

Honestly, I hope you all know how grateful I am for you and everything you do for me. I am so grateful that I have had this gospel my whole life.. I am grateful my grandparents had the courage to search and find the truth of the restored gospel!! I am so grateful that when I was 8 I was able to be baptized by my dad, by the restored priesthood, and that I have always been able to rely on him to be able to give me a blessing or help me in any way. and that I have been able to have the greatest gift-- the gift of the Holy Ghost since I was so young.. and that through having that wonderful gift I have been able to develop my own testimony of my Savior and this gospel in general. I am so grateful that for this next 6 months I get to share this with EVERYONE here that crosses my path :) I am grateful for the women in my life as well that are so strong and have helped me know the things of the gospel. I just feel so blessed. and I am so glad I am here on a mission. Even though it is hard at this time to see all the families getting together, I am so happy I am here, and that this special spirit of this time of year is something I get to help others truly embrace and love as much as I do.

Have a GREAT week, and never forget the many things you are blessed with!!!! Show your gratitude for those things this week by DOING something :)

Y'all are the best.


Hermana Weller

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