Monday, December 15, 2014

Only 10 Days Til Christmas!!!

I don't know where my life is going.. time is just absolutely FLYING by... But my companion and I were just talking the other day about HOW happy we are. Honestly, I don't think I have ever been as happy in my entire LIFE than right now.. It is the best feeling ever. I love being a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This week we actually had some really neat experiences and some special meetings! We had a Sisters Conference which was really good as well as a special meeting for just Spanish Elders and Sisters! So the Sisters conference was good because ALL the sisters in the mission came up and President and Sister Bernhisel taught us.. it was all about the priesthood and womanhood, and how impactful we are as women.. We talked a lot about the roll of moms in their families and it was just really good.. if anyone ever has questions about women and the priesthood, Gordon B. Hinckley has the BEST quotes haha. It was fun to get to see all the sisters and my old companions :) I miss Sister Ashworth!! She is so funny.. Then, we had the Spanish missionaries conference and Elder Zwick from the quorum of the 70 came and talked to us!!! (perks of being a Spanish missionary!!) it was really neat because that was the first time ever that we have had a meeting all in Spanish!!! and President and Sister Bernhisel and the assistants had to use headphones!! hahahaha, the roles were reversed. it was nice for once...haha But he talked a lot about the importance of virtue, and how that is really what we need to have written on our hearts.. He talked about learning by faith. and how through the rest of our lives we are going to have to keep learning by faith. And there was a lot of revelation that I personally received from both of those conferences because I have been working A LOT on putting more trust than ever and having more faith than ever in the Lord.. I want to see more miracles and so I know that miracles only come according to our faith :) and something that I read this week in my personally study that kinda hit me was about Alma, and how when Alma the younger (his son) was visited by the angel and converted it was BECAUSE of the FAITH OF HIS FATHER.. Alma had so much faith in the Lord that He would answer his prayers, as well as he had SO much faith in his son, that he could actually change and be converted.. that an angel came and appeared to his son.. His prayers were definitely answered. and from reading that and studying a lot lately how I can put more trust and more faith in the Lord, I realized that according to MY faith, I CAN have an effect on other people.. and I need to have more faith in THEM too. See them as they can become, and trust that they WILL come to know everything is true and achieve the baptismal dates we have prayerfully decided for them.

This week we were out trying to find new people to teach.. and no one was letting us in to teach them. So finally we drove to a new street to knock and before we got out of the car we prayed. and we had a very mighty prayer to be able to find someone to teach at that moment.. and we got out of the car and just started walking towards one of the houses right in front of us.. we didn't even say anything to each other, we just walked over to the house and I thought maybe it was just my companion following my lead. But when a Dominican woman opened the door and let us in because we started talking about Christmas and "He is the Gift" we knew God had heard us :) afterwards, we talked about it and my companion said that she had felt like that house too.. so it was just kinda neat that we just started going for it. and it resulted in finding someone new who is really open and has great potential.

Another thing going along with everything that I have learned in my personal study this week with faith and in the meetings too.. was last night we were visiting with a less active family and the daughter started telling us all the things that she didn't like about her mom.. and how her mom is so annoying, yada yada..she's 15..go figure...haha But, ya know, we aren't really supposed to like be counselors for people, so....I just thought of something to share with her... it was neat because it was second point of the first lesson we teach investigators. It is "The Gospel Blesses Families". So we talked about how living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our families is what will bring us the most happiness.. even when its really tough. And so we took the first 2 principles of the gospel- 1. Faith and 2. Repentance and broke those words down into what words are associated with those words.. 1. trust, belief, hope, etc. 2. change, forgiveness, saying you are sorry, humility, etc. and then talked about how those things are the GOSPEL. and we need to apply them with each other.. not just having faith in Christ and repenting when we sin.. but having faith in one another as family members and then applying the principles of repentance with each other too.. we have to be willing to forgive each other and ask for forgiveness and be willing to change. And I had really never thought of these things until all of the sudden I was teaching them last night haha. The spirit truly gave me in that moment what I needed to say, and I too learned something really really valuable for myself for my future family.

So, we got to see _____ and her family twice this week! We had really good lessons with them about the 10 commandments, the Sabbath day, chastity, the Word of Wisdom, and fasting.. It was so neat because she honestly is just so willing to accept these things into her life right now and do them.. they were a little concerned about coffee with the Word Of Wisdom, but they are going to try they said to stop!! It was really fun when we talked with them about the spirit this last time, and how they have felt when we come and visit with them.. they are just SO happy. (and so are we!!) and i just cant even explain most of the time just how grateful and happy I am to have the gospel in my life and to see in the lives of others working.. They came to church again yesterday. They are still moving towards the 27th for baptism!! :)

Well, we haven't been able to get in contact with ___ and ____ in about 2 weeks now.. :( I am worried why they aren't talking to us any more.. but, maybe its just not their time yet.

Well.. I love you all so much and I am so so so so glad that Christmas is only 10 days away and that I will get to talk to you then :) WOOOHOOOO! haha. Thank you so much for everything, and I really hope that this year you can think of a new way to remember Christ, and that you can #SHARETHEGIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FORTH AND DO IT!


-Hermana Weller-

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