Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day!!

Hello Everyone!

It is weird to be writing an email to y'all when I just got to see your faces yesterday:) that was so great.. thank you so much for being prepared and asking me good questions:) I was thinking about it last night and I am so blessed to have you as my family. I love that you know what it is like to have served a mission and you helped me not get super distracted or anything like that while skyping:) I love you!!! I miss you so much, but that was just what I needed:) I hope you had a very good mothers day mom and grandma too.

Well. this week has been great. It was very long!! (probably because I was looking forward to Sunday) But it was good.. Sister Deacon left really early Tuesday morning and then we had an amazing day that day. We utilized facebook and were able to have 2 lessons on there with investigators.. It is still strange sometimes to me that we are allowed to get on there haha.. And then we met with our investigators, ___ then ____ (she is ___'s best friend) and then the _________'s all in one day!

We finally were able to figure out _____'s real concern with being baptized which was a miracle.. She told us she is worried that if she is already baptized and then she makes a mistake and sins then it will be worse because she will have that promise with God.. So she thinks it is just better for her to not be baptized and be able to be forgiven easier. But it is not that way!! It is wonderful that our investigators have these kinds of questions though because then I get the opportunity to study it out and learn it better for myself.

I came up with a really good analogy today when I was studying about the importance and roll of being baptized and taking the sacrament each week. It is exactly like going on a hike up a mountain.. In 2 Nephi 31:17-18 it relates perfectly. Before you go on a hike you make some sorts of preparations.. you get water snacks etc. and then you have an idea of where you are going. Then you get there and you usually start out at the trail head. The trail head is this "gate" that is spoken of in 2 Nephi 32 and repentance are those preparations you make before heading out. Then as you are hiking up the mountain you are really excited.. you know what is ahead of you and you can see the top! As you get to about half way up yo usually have to take a break.. sometimes before that and sometimes more than just one time depending on how steep and how long the hike is. But as you take a break and get a drink of water you look back down at how far you have come and you look back to where you are going and you get that renewed excitement to go! This is what the sacrament provides for us! that recharge of our batteries! and we can reflect as we take it where we have come and make sure we are still on the right track to get to the top. Once we get to the top of the mountain it is beautiful... so peaceful and relaxing. you can see the whole (valley usually haha) and its just a great feeling of accomplishment and you get to appreciate the beauty there. This is what it will be like achieving the eternal life we all want. and it all starts with repentance.. luckily too we have the spirit from the very start. he is there to help us the entire way up.

I am so grateful to know this! and to really be able to apply it to my life and share it in ways that they can apply it to theirs as well..

The Lord has been helping us so much this past week.. I know as we have been diligently working hard and actually doing our language study well, we have been blessed with new investigators and some even in Spanish!!

I also recently started over reading the Book of Mormon and as I read the story about Nephi building the boat it really hit me! We can relate that to our lives as well! The scriptures are great haha..

Well. That is all I really have for this week! It is getting pretty toasty here in NC. Don't send me candy if you are going to send me a package.. please!!!! hahahaha. It is horrible. I always say I am not going to eat that candy when my comps get it in their packages and then they are like well you can have some if you want.. I ALWAYS give in! save me from myself haha and just don't do it:) thank you!

I love you so much and thank you for everything. I am so grateful to be out here as a missionary and I know that I am truly doing the Lord's work.

-Hermana Weller-

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