Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Papa Weezy April 28, 2014

Well this week was good! We have been on fire lately with finding new investigators. We found 5 more this week. Which in turn has actually been sad because we feel like we are losing our old investigators :( ____ and ___ are kind of avoiding us.. and _____ has been being weird with us as well.. But we should hopefully get up with both of them this next week.

So.. you are probably wondering why I titled this email papa weezy though haha.. I got sick this week with a cold. It is so weird because I never used to just get colds at home! But its no bueno with my asthma!! I literally couldnt breathe.. The first day i was sick i just slept all day long and took a bunch of meds and junk and my inhaler like 4x. So Sister Dickerson nicknamed me papa weezy hahahaha.. It was just so funny:) but i am doing better now! Still have a cough but its getting better.

I cant remember if I told you or not, but we are teaching this lady named ____. She is a member of the branch's friend. She is only 20 years old but she has 2 kids and is just really searching right now for happiness. She is ready for a change and ready to do what ever it takes to help her kids and herself be truly happy. She has been really great to teach, I am so excited for her. We used the #becauseofhim video in our lesson the other day when we taught the second half of the plan of salvation and it was exactly what we needed. It brought the spirit so well. I just LOVE that video so much. SO MUCH. She is preparing to be baptized the end of May.. she smokes so we are going to give her some good time to prepare for being baptized. But she is ready to quit and change so its just so exciting!

I think I told you all last week.. But I will again! I am staying in Wallace next transfer! Sister Deacon is leaving. So that is exciting.. I am really excited because now i will be here for the cinco de mayo RS activity as well as the annual Carolina Strawberry Festival! which is hosted right here in Wallace:) also i have just really developed love for these people. and there are some people that I just dont ever want to leave haha! Some of the young women I have really developed a love for and hopefully have effected them because most of their families are less active so they dont get to come all the time.. But we had a lot of people yesterday at church that dont normally come! It was neat to see our work from this week in visiting them pay off.

It has been a bit hard this week with different things. But I really have been trying to rely on the Lord to strengthen me.. To make my weaknesses become strengths- Ether 12:27. I just want to have the effect on my trainee that my trainers had on me. They were such great examples to me and I just hope I am doing as much as I can to be like them, and ultimately my Savior, and effect Sister Dickerson in the way they effected me.

I am so grateful for you all.. I am so grateful for the realtionships we share, and that I am here on my mission. I just feel extremely blessed... I re-read Elder Uchtdorf's talk this week from conference and I am trying have that grateful attitude always.. It is NOT easy in Wallace! There are a lot of things that you can dwell on or be negative about, but I know by trying to always see the good things that are happening that hope is able to stay there and I am able to wake up every single day ready to work hard and do all I possibly can to do the Lords work that day.

Sometimes I dont even know if my emails make sense.. haha but I hope they do! And I hope you really do know how much I love and miss you. Go forth and do the Lords work!!! Be as supportive to the missionaries in the ward as you can.. go out with them and always offer your home or your help with getting investigators to where they need to be. I love you, and I will talk to you again soon:) Happy May day!


Hermana Weller

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