Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Raini's Final Week in Fayettville

Wow.. This has been one of the best weeks of my life. I LOVE being on a mission so much. I am not even kidding.

We have been trying our hardest and working all day every day to find! We are trying to find those elect people. This week we realized that some of our time we have been spending talking with people though is not with the elect. One day this week we were just tracting in a trailor park before a dinner appointment and this lady was really nice at the door and said she wasn't interested and then when my companion gave her a card with a picture of Jesus on it with our number she started freaking out on us about having a picture of Christ. She made us come in and when we sat down I could instantly just feel the spirit leave.. she got her Bible out and then started trying to prove us wrong...that we don't know the "real Jesus"... with random versus and we weren't fighting back or anything. But it was just bad.. so finally we got up and left and luckily it was only like 10 mins or so.. But I don't understand why people want to fight about beliefs!! We weren't trying to attack her.. She was the one trying to provoke us.

That night I was thinking about it.. and I felt a glimpse of what it must have been like for Jesus when he was on the Earth and all the Pharisees and Saducees and scribes were trying to prove him wrong or trick him or just upset him and provoke him to anger. But, he just never did get mad! So I am trying to be more like Jesus in that way for the future.. To not get annoyed when people do that ...but just testify and leave.. haha. Luckily it was all in Spanish so I just kinda sat there and then said "Yo sé que soy una hija de Diós y yo sé eso porque yo he sentido el Espíritu por mi misma que es la verdad" or something like that.. and then we left. ha!

[Translation: "I know that I am a daughter of God and I know that because I have felt the Spirit for myself that it is the Truth."]

Then we also this week went trying to contact potentials from the area book and this lady from Pakistan let us in and she was Muslim.. and that was just so different. She started telling us how we are very similar. We are pretty much the same when really that is not true. But it was interesting to hear her beliefs and actually learn what Muslims believe!

As for the great things that did happen this week.. We got a home made tres leches cake last night from a member.. and it is so yummy.

Also. haha:)

The Peruvian night was this week!! oh man it was neat! The dances were so fun. and we had our investigators the Rivera family there:) we ate some more Peruvian food for lunch that day with the family who was putting on the activity and it was.. interesting again. I am glad I didn't go there on my mission.. I am not a fan. (Mexican food on the other hand.. YUM! we had chile relleno home made the other night.. ahhhhhhh so yummy) pictures to come of all that:)

NOW. for the best day ever yesterday. We went to church.. after a great morning of study and realizing that this is the last sunday here in Raeford! so I stood at the door welcoming people into the chapel and just watching everyone come in and seeing some of the less actives that we have been working with come in.. a family that went and got sealed Saturday.. everyone just happy.. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and the spirit. I love these people so much. I don't know how I have only been here 1 month and I love them this much. We sat through the talks in Sacrament meeting and they were all good, and then the branch president asked Sister Bluth, the Elder who is leaving (for Wallace too!) and I to bear our testimonies at the end of the meeting.. and As soon as I got up to the pulpit I started crying. The spirit was just overwhelming and it was hitting me how much I loved these people. I bore my testimony and then after the meeting was over everyone just came up to us and was hugging us and crying.. haha. After church we went to the _____'s house for lunch and it ended up being a FIESTA! every one in the branch was there!! Everyone. And everyone brought something to eat. It was amazing.. there was unity for once in the branch and love and it was just the best.

I am really excited to go back to Wallace though.. I am so sad to leave because I have invested so much of my heart in these people!! But I am going to try and do the same exact thing in Wallace when I get back there tomorrow. We had to pack this morning and all that good stuff.. so sorry im on later than usual! But I love you so much.

I have really come to understand this week HOW important the gospel is for families. Why we need it in our families for our kids to learn.. Just like 2 Nephi 26:25 says.. We talk of Christ, ect, ect, so that our kids can know WHERE to turn to for a remission of their sins.. so that they will grow up and know how to repent and get back on the right track when they make mistakes and change so that they don't make the same mistakes over and over down the road.

The temple is so great, I am so glad we get to go in a couple of weeks as a mission!! Every family needs those blessings.. I love this gospel. I love it, I love it, I love it. I love my Savior so much..

I love you so much. I pray for you every night. never forget how much I love you and think of you:) study preach my gospel! and be the best member missionaries you can be!!

Love you so much.

-Hermana Weller

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