Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Big News for Hermana Weller!

Raini's mission president and wife sent us an email last week...she's so on fire! I am so proud of her hard work, her obedience, and her dedication to the Lord. She absolutely loves her mission and the people. That's what allows us to become vessels of the Lord, do His work as He has set forth...and it shows:

She's been called to be a trainer now and she and her new companion are called to be "Sister Leaders" (like district leaders, but sisters) and they are back in Wallace!

Here's the letter from her president:

26 March 2014

It is my great pleasure to notify you that your daughter, Sister Natalie R. Weller, with her companion Sister Natasha Deacon  has been called to be  New Missionary Trainers in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission.  She will be training her new companion, Sister Ashley Elizabeth Dickerson, from West Valley City, Utah.   You can be very proud of her for the fine work she is doing.  We have confidence and faith in her ability to magnify her calling in this new and challenging assignment.
As you may well understand, one of the greatest influences on a new missionary is her trainer, who is responsible for teaching her how to do the work she came here to do.   These trainers must be obedient, exemplary, dependable Christ-like missionaries, and they are carefully and prayerfully selected.  We are pleased to have a missionary such as your daughter to whom we can turn to fill these important responsibilities.

We appreciate her dedicated spirit and capable leadership and know that with your letters of encouragement, she will continue to inspire the missionary with whom she labors.

With our love,

Marc A. Bernhisel
Marc A. Bernhisel, President
North Carolina Raleigh Mission

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