Monday, March 24, 2014

Last Week's Letter


Such a great week. Again. As usual:)

My companions and I have been trying to really work with the members as best we can to find, find, find. We need to be continually finding and teaching!! So We have been doing this thing called the prayer exchange. When we go and have an active member lesson (usually a dinner appointment) we then share with them a scripture about missionary work or the hastening of the work of salvation (d&c 88:73 or alma 28:14) and then we discuss it. Then we ask the family if that week they will pray every day for our investigators by name and then in return we ask for them to give us names of their friends they are wanting to share the gospel with and we have been praying for them every night that they will be prepared to accept the gospel. Now this week we are going to go back and follow up with the members and help them roll play how they want to try and share the gospel this next week with those friends or family members we have been praying for. We are so excited!

The family history center has been really fun as well! I love it! These members have so many names.. its fantastic. And there is a family going this weekend to get sealed with their whole family:) woo!

We went on exchanges this week because sister bluth is a sister leader so she has to do that every couple weeks. and it was with english sisters.. i felt bad because the sister that was with sister lopez and I was kinda lost when we had spanish appointments lol. But the next day before we switched we had no appointments set up so we went to try and contact formers and potentials that were in the area book. We went to this one house and as we walked up there was spanish music blaring from inside so we knew that it was golden haha!! and we have a return appt. with her now:) she is an adorable young mom.. could be a great time for her. We have been praying so hard and I have really been trying to double my faith to find those that are ready.

I also decided that morning in my personal study that I was going to do what we are always talking about doing.. I was going to TALK TO EVERYONE. EVERYONE. that i came across that day. So I did! I went up to a lady that was sweeping her porch and started just talking to her and it was so EASY. I have been kinda apprehensive about talking to random people ((haha gramma)) and trying to bring up the church while they are in the middle of doing something but after I did it that one time (it was in english) i was like wow!!! i CAN do this!

so we went to this HUGE apartment complex to contact and I said ok. we are going to knock every single door here until we find the hispanic people here that need the gospel, even if it is just one person. haha so we knocked and knocked and knocked. and Then there was this lady with her son cleaning out her car.. and I was like oh. lets go talk to her.. or should we just knock this door and leave her be.. then I said to myself. NOPE! I am talking to everyone!!!!! haha so i went up to her and just started chatting again. it was SO great

. She ended up being hispanic and in the military and extremely nice. Yet again it was just so easy for me to talk to her and not be weird. She wasnt super interested in the church.. she says she lost her faith a while back.. but we might still try later this week:)

We had stake conference this week and it was great as well! Alot about the hastening of the work and what the members need to do. Yesterday we had a broadcast and got to hear from 2 members of the 70 and Elder Perry! Its like 2 general conferences back to back haha! Woo! SO great. I love it.

Well. I know this church is true. I know that if we put ourselves aside and truly do what the Lord wants us to do with our lives each and every day and we go to Him in prayer whenever we are unsure he will guide us and help us in everything we do. I know it!! I love my Savior so much. I have been reading a lot in the Bible lately to more familiarize myself with it and I am loving John. It is so good.. Something interesting Elder Perry said yesterday though was that the Doctrine Covenants are the most important for us in these days... it was interesting I had never heard that. So looks like i need to read them more! haha

I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-hermana weller

p.s. I am training back in Wallace with Hermana Deacon next transfer! (Next week) she has been comps with the girl i knew from tucson! woo!

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