Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week's Email/Letter: WOW big changes!!

Raini's first TRANSFER!

Hola Familia:) (y amigos)

I am now in Fayetteville! (pronounced by country people "fait-vull") Well I'm in the "Raeford" covers a ton of English and Spanish areas, too! The majority of our area is in Fayetteville. It's the Fayetteville Stake.

This week has been tough. But luckily not for the same reasons as the past few weeks.. We went the ER on Monday evening with Sister Moore because I just couldn't handle that nothing was being done and she was in so much pain. So the ____ family took us down there and we were there literally all night.. we got home at about 2:30am. And nothing was even really done with her there:( They just referred her to a specialist and filled her up with fluids. So we went to the specialist and they wanted to do some exploratory surgeries. Since the Missionary Medical insurance wouldn't pay for it, she talked to President and Sister Bernhisel all about it. She had been having some spiritual experiences that made her feel like it was ok for her to go home and get this all taken care of. So then when they told us Thursday that she was going to go home.. we had a bit of a panic attack haha. But, it was all good.

We went to the Relief Society activity that night and got to see a bunch of the sisters.. but at that point we weren't telling anyone we were going to be moved out of the area or that she was leaving.. Friday we tried to just see everyone we possibly could see before we left because at this point we then knew she was going home Monday and I was being moved into a trio with other Spanish sisters somewhere else. So we met with our investigator, ____. We had a really good lesson with her, and then we went and packed. Then we went and saw ____, the 13-yr old! AND SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN MARCH NO DOUBTS. But when we told her I would coming back to the area..but not until March 25 she was really happy, but then really sad.. I think she will get baptized the 29th because she really wanted us to be there.. So that is amazing. I am so excited. But it makes me really sad that Sister Moore isn't able to be there:/

Then Sister _____ and her non-member husband called us and invited us for dinner.. but we had an appointment already set up... soooo we had two dinners that night because we LOVE them so much and we didn't want to miss meeting with them. It was at their non-member in-law's house who speak only Spanish! It was just so much fun. We took pictures and just played with the girls some after we ate delish Cuban food! The night before though we had had a lesson with them and it was a really powerful. We were just telling them how much the gospel WILL bless their family and their marriage.. and then the husband told us that he wants his girls to grow up to be like us. He said he wants his girls to grow up to be missionaries. I was literally taken aback so much. That is one of the best compliments ever. I just love that family so much. I hope they do grow up to be missionaries!! He will get baptized one day.. I know it.

We drove up to the Raleigh to the mission home on Saturday and then hung out at some sisters' apartment there. Then Pres. and Sis. Bernhisel brought me down here to my new area yesterday.

I'm in a 3-some! My new companions are Sister Bluth and Sister Lopez-Hun. Sister Bluth goes home at the end of this transfer! I will go back to Wallace at that point as well, with a new comp. But it is amazing so far. SO good here. I am going to learn Spanish SOOOOOOOOOO fast. But, I will probably gain weight just as fast because the members here feed us GOOOOOOD and they are offended if we don't eat more than one plate! hahaha. Oh well. We also get to actually run outside here for exercise so it will be ok.

I feel so good about being here. It was really really sad to leave wallace and see sister Moore go home. But i feel like i am supposed to be here for some reason.. there is some one here for me. My new comps told me that same thing last night. So I am just excited to see what the Lord has in store for me here!!:) I know after this I am actually going to be able to speak Spanish. the Lord has heard my cries:)

That is all for today.. I love you all <3

HERMANA Weller:)

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