Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Week's Letter

Sorry, folks...I totally forgot to post last week's letter!! So, I will post it now. 


Well this week.. ok so on Monday evening after p-day was over and we had appointments set up we went and met a media referral investigator! and she is solid. She is super religous and she wanted to talk to us after looking on because she says "if someone is gonna talk about the word, I am gonna talk about the word with them" haha. The only real issue we see with her right now is the fact that she works Sundays pretty often. We have to get her to come to Sacrament Meeting at least 2 times before she can be baptized. But we haven't been able to meet with her again unfortunately since then. 

Then after that appointment we went to go check on our investigator, _____.. the elders had met her and taught her the first lesson and then since she is a single woman they gave her to us to teach from there. So we had visited with her the week before and set up this appointment to come see her and actually teach something. When she opened the door we could tell something was NOT right... So then we tried saying we would just come back a different time but then she demanded that we stay and teach her something!! So I just busted out a scripture.. the one about the mothers of the army of Helaman.. and then she was almost crying. When we got home and sister Moore was NOT good. She was completely and totally exerted of all energy.. and then it just got worse from there with her sickness still.. 

Tuesday morning it started snowing!! It was great:) (btw- i dont have a cord to my camera.. it didn't come with one. So I can't upload the pix on here unless I am on a specific computer here at the library and I am not on it today unfortunately) It was literally like blizzarding!! It wasn't just sprinkling snow. It was SNOWING. That was cool.. except that Sister Moore slept in really late that day because she was just NOT healthy and had NO energy. So I just enjoyed the snow a bit by myself.. and my head was killing me.. I have now caught a cold or something this week, so I have been dealing with that. BUT! I pretty much got to study all day that day, Wednesday, and then we got to the doctor on Thursday for her finally (because everything was closed from the bad weather and the roads were icy). But all that was open and available her in Wallace was the urgent care. so they didn't do a whole lot for her.. they took some blood samples and we are still waiting to hear. She is so pale.. and she can't even take a shower without needing to lay back down for a while afterwards. her stomach is constantly SERIOUS pain.. It's hard to explain just how bad of shape she is in.

But, the good news of all of this is that I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON yesterday!! haha. we went to church and she thought she was going to be able to make it through.. but after the first hour I thought she was going to pass out. she laid down in the library of the building and then the Bishop's wife came in and said she needed to just go home. So her daughter took her home and I stayed at church.. so at this point I am a little frustrated because she has to wait for everything to get approved to go to the doctor since she only has missionary medical insurance. It's hard to see my companion in such bad shape and I haven't been able to do much except study.. so hopefully this week we will get it all figured out. She is having a really really hard time with it all because she thinks she is going to have to go home from it. We think it is a problem with her gall bladder and they might need to remove it :/ 

I went on an exchange on Friday with a member of our branch to see our investigator, _____. She told me that she has now been having this feeling like she should get baptized in MARCH. and I almost cried right then and there because I was so happy. WOOOO!! I came home and told Sister Moore about it and I was like jumping on the bed (because we moved them into the living room on the floor so we could be in the same room while studying and then we just slept there too hahaha I felt like I was in college again or something. Sleepover!) We can't wait tho. ___ is such an amazing girl and I am so excited for her:) 

Ok so I finished the Book of Mormon. I started it January 1st and I finished it yesterday! that took me 47 days. haha thats a definite record.. for me at least. But I am so grateful I got to read it all so quickly because now I really feel like my testimony is so much stronger of the Book of Mormon and I know the story line better! I was so excited and just really filled with the Spirit when I was in the last few chapters of Moroni. He is definitely one of my favorites. He is so good! I know for sure now that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God through prophets that were called of God. I know it was written for our day.. and I love it. 

Where do scholars and stuff think that the Jaredites lived geographically? and I just kept thinking while I was reading it about Tulum and Chichenitza...if those places we went and saw when we were down in Mexico were really some of the civilizations from the BoM, who would it have been there?? I kept thinking about Tulum.. when they talk about the battles on the seashore and stuff like that. So amazing!! 

Well. I think that is all for this week. I hope we can get back to the work this next week.. we need to get Sister Moore taken care of and then we will get back to tearing it up;) One thing I think I'm learning through all of this with her is that I'm getting a glimpse of what it will be like to be a mother..I'm taking care of her so much..checking on her, bringing her food, helping her...thank you,Mom for being such a great mom to me! It has reminded me of something one of our speakers at the MTC said, "You will be serving 2 missions..1 for your investigators, and 1 for your companion". It's so true. I love the things I'm learning out here.

Well, I love you all so much...even tho I still haven't gotten any letters from ya'll! :P
-Hermana Weller

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