Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 1 in Fate-Vull

address for a couple more weeks:

1922 Rayconda Rd. Apt. #205 
Fayetteville NC 28304

Man.. time is so weird on a mission. I can't believe it's been a week here in Raeford area! It has been a good one though! I am so inspired from different things that happened this week and I am so glad I have this time here serving a mission.

First of all. Last night I ate "Corazon de Vaca" aka COW HEART just on a shishkabob. And I was ok with it for a little while and then I started eating a bite that had an artery in it and I almost threw up.. and then they gave me ANOTHER one to eat. I had to just choke it down. The people around this area are Peruvian.  They made a really good meal for us, so kind of them, but it had all weird stuff that I had never seen before.. it was a bit too much for me.. haha.

That's been the main struggle this week is food. Haha. We get fed every single day.. if not twice a day. It's such a blessing, but.. They want us to eat, eat, eat. The sisters for a while I guess were not getting seconds and the people were gettting kind of offended because they thought they didn't like their food. So we have to eat at least seconds.. And that is not good. I am like always full haha! Luckily we run every morning! Its pretty great. I love being able to run:)

Another non-missionary-work related thing that happened this week is I woke up Wednesday morning.. in the middle of the night and I couldn't move my neck. If I tried, it was EXCRUCIATING pain. Like nothing I have ever felt before in my neck. So I went back to bed but at 6:20 when the alarm went off I couldn't handle it.. so I told my comps and we called the Dr.  He said it was "Wrye Neck"????? what ever that is.. But it lasted about 2 days. I literally was in so much pain all day haha and I bought a heating pack and just laid on that thing all day. I received a Priesthood blessing that night and now I am doing pretty good.. So weird though.
---Basically...It's a southern term for a stiff neck---

Anywho. Yesterday we did a mission-wide fast to help us be able to find the elect people here in this area who are ready to accept the Gospel. My companionship has been talking a lot about this as well this week. We want to find the elect families in this area that will build up the church here in NC! And since Sister Bluth is leaving the same day as me we (well she's going home.. I am just leaving this area haha) But we have decided we want to see someone baptized before March 25. And we are very confident that we can do it!! We are trying our hardest to do everything we possibly can to find and to teach.

We found a family this week.. The _____'s. They are AMAZING. They have a 16 year old son and a 1 year old. and we taught them the restoration and they pretty much taught it back to us because they read the pamphlet before we came over for the lesson.. it was amazing! and then they came to church and they brought with them I think his brother and his girlfriend. We are going to teach them again this evening. And we are going to invite them to be baptized for Lincolns birthday:) I am so so excited! they are so so so ready. They are good friends with a member and that is how we found them because the member friend talks to him at work about church stuff all the time. Boom! Great member-missionaries!That is exactly how its supposed to be:)

We had 7 people at church.. it was just such a good site to see! This branch is really really small too.. (but it is strictly a Hispanic Branch unlike Wallace) and there are other big English Wards that meet in the same building so it is a bigger building.. but we filled the entire middle bench with the _____ family! how incredible is that?:) ahhh. 

I know we are going to be able to see a baptism here before we go. And I want it so bad so I am willing to do anything and everything it takes. I had a very strong impression one day this week after my personal study in the morning that I am EXACTLY where the Lord wants me to be right now. Generally on a mission but as well as here in Raeford. I love it.

It is still hard for me to speak Spanish.. but I think I am getting better every day I really try and use it! I just ask the Lord to bless me for my efforts and I always can see that he does. It is so helpful to have a native comp:) she is from Guatemala. And a sister leader (a girl version of a zone leader) as companions haha! It is just too much fun!! We laugh at everything, it is so great:) And, this week I felt the Spirit stronger than I've ever felt it's confirmed to me that I'm where I'm supposed to be, doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my life. There's nothing like that feeling. :))

Well I love you all so much. And I got 4 letters and you package that had been sent to Wallace so thank you very much to everyone that sent me stuff. It made me feel so great:)

Again I love you so much!!!!!!!!! And i will talk to you again soon:) 
Hermana Weller

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