Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 1--CCM (MTC)

wow. i can not believe that it has already been one week since i left! But it has been so great.. Last thursday was like the longest day of my entire life... I thought I used to be busy.. no. they pack so much into one day it is insane. 

But lets start with first things first- the food. Uhhhhmmm well... the comedor[dining room] is good some days. But, it tears me up some days and if the food is gross there is always a whole station full of nutella and peanut butter and bread as well as fruit loops. So i have had to resort to that a few times. I just cant handle it some days tho...ugh.

Next- my companions. I have 2 companions! Trio woo! haha.. Sister Bingham and Sister Miller. bingham is from new mexico and going to anehiem california and miller is from utah going to washington. They are very different than me. but i have come to love them.
This week we actually started teaching an investigator ... 
It was really hard. The very first lesson was a disaster. We didnt really know what to do, so then the next day the lesson was much better. Then our third lesson we taught was pretty dang good.. I felt like my spanish was kinda coming together in actual fluid sentences instead of hola... uhhhh....umm. 

We taught him about faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and enduring to the end...the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then invited him to come unto Christ and be baptized, he said only if he felt the Book of Mormon is true. So, he was going to continue reading and praying. I memorized the invitation in Spanish again and he said yes! But, yesterday he revealed to us that he is our new teacher! Haha...he wouldve been baptized Dec. 5 if it was a real investigator! haha.. that was a really cool experience because as a companionship we had to figure it all out on our own what worked and what didnt to get the spirit there. We realized after the first couple lessons that just having a memorized script that we went off of was not the way to go. We realized that we had to understand the lesson for ourselves have a testimony about that specific topic before we could share it in spanish.. the lesson and true meaning of things have to come before the language.

Thats the thing that has been interesting is that they literally this first week give you so much time to just kind of figure it out for yourself. it is so hard to do it that way. I just sit there some days staring at the book of spanish and i dont know what to do to actually get it to stick. I have been praying so much to be able to retain the things i study and to be able to understand others better and I can definitely see it coming.. In one week I can now pray and bear my testimony (very basically) in spanish. How incredible is that? 
Through the Lord we are able to do this. He called me to speak spanish for some reason and I know that because of that He will help me get there if I am obedient and I put forth the effort to learn. 

ok...Lets see.. 
Oh yeah! my district is the most amazing people ever. On saturday night I kinda started talking to some of the elders in our classroom about before the mish what they were doing with their lives and stuff and then it just started a whole big discussion of everyone for like an hour about who we are haha. so it was nice it definitely broke the ice. And ever since then we kinda have a problem re-focusing... oops.. its good though haha. Theres a guy in my district who played baseball at BYU last year so he knows Keaton [a high school friend], kinda crazy! but he is so cool. But last night we had a little spontaneous district devotional where we all were just supposed to share why we are here. Why we came out on a mission. And it was SOOOOOO spiritual. It was awesome. it was so good, it really brought us together even more. they are literally like my family. we all were crying. it is so cool because we were able to hear other peoples' struggles they had in their lives before coming out, and yet we all are here ready to help each other and build each other's testimony before we head out to the field. All the guys are either going to Ecuador or Orsorno Chile! (shout out to Trent!) 
Anyway... how are things going back at home?? I miss you a ton but it actually hasnt been too bad.. I am so busy that i dont think a lot about home. but its only been a week haha.. Today we went to the temple and it was beautiful!!!! it was such a good experience too. I really got something out of it today which was so nice and needed. 
Welp. I will try and send some pictures. 
OH! and please dear elder me at i get those i think on tuesdays.. they are printed out. i would love to get some love...from anyone!! you can also send like donuts or cinnamon rolls on there to me too haha:] 

my district is so funny though. and my zone is awesome too. OH yeah! we play ultimate frisbee every other day during our gym hour. so the other day we got challenged by another district to play soccer in this caged basketball court thing that has goals too haha. so then i was like oh im so down!! and the guys were like...ehhh? ok.... so they didnt start me that day when we played and i was like really?? 
just cuz im a girl. grr... but then i subbed in and i killed it haha.. we were down one and I SCORED. hahahah I was like well.."you might say its what i do''. and then i got mad respect from everyone. So we might play again today if we have time. 
ok well i love you so much and i miss you. 
[Raini's testimony in Spanish]
yo sé que jesucristo es mi salvador. yo sé que somos los hijos de nuestro padre celestial. yo sé que tenemos un profeta que habla con Dios. 
[I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that we are children of our Heavenly Father. I know that we have a prophet who speaks with God.]

Con amor, 
Hermana Weller

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