Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Whew! I was getting worried...

but they let her at least send a quick email home notifying us that she made it there safely!

Let me preface her email below with a few explanations, especially for all our loved ones who aren't that familiar with the LDS mission experience:

Typically, missionaries get 2 calls home per year, Christmas and Mother's Day. So, we knew to not expect a call from her today...but I didn't know what to expect as far as from someone at the mission training center. And, it IS Mexico, and this MTC there is brand-spanking I really didn't know what to expect! But, it's all good!

We took Raini to the airport this morning and arrived around 8:30am--2 hours before departure. We took our sweet time checking in, (the flight wasn't even showing up yet on the monitors), eating breakfast at the airport with her, etc. So, after about 45 mins. we got up to see the monitors. There is was, flight 503 to Mexico City...boarding NOWWWWWW!! ?? what?? yup, it was pushed ahead an hour! So, we had to book it to security and say our goodbyes really fast. There was a Polynesian family saying goodbye near us with 3 or 4 times as many people...and hugging their elder wayyyy longer than us...we felt rushed and stressed that Raini might miss her boarding if the lines were long. So, we took a few pics, shed a few tears, and sent her on her way.

Here's her report in her very first email!

Dear mom and dad, 

i got here safely!! there was actually 7 other missionaries on my flight so that was pretty awesome. two of them were from hawaii so they had leis-- it was kinda funny, they gave all of us one! and then the other 3 were from washington and then one was from idaho. so there was two other sisters so we talked quite a bit. the flight was fine.. didnt have any real problems with my sinuses! woo. then when we landed we had a guy from the MTC there to meet all of us.. one of the girls luggage got lost.. i am so glad that that wasnt me haha i felt so bad for her! but then the driver guy drove us on over the the MTC through the city.. we havent gotten a chance to see the whole campus yet but it is really pretty from what i saw when we drove in. I just got my name tag!!! it feels so awesome to have it on. 
THURSDAY IS MY P-DAY. So be prepared for me to write you at some point thursday and try to email me right back so we can have a little chat sesh:) i will go to the temple first thing on thursday though so it will probably be a little later in the afternoon or something.
the other sisters are really cool, and we have been having a good time so far! its been fun. one of them has never been out of the country and shes never lived away from home because she just graduated high school in june so she is just having a hay day! haha. but yeah! tomorrow we start right into it! i have two companions. their names are sister bingham and sister miller. i am sure i will have some more to tell you about them next week because i havent even met them yet! welp. I hope you guys are doing okay.. i think it was better we had a quick goodbye this morning or else i would have had a lot harder of a time. But i love you guys so much and I am so happy to finally be out here. I cant wait to start learning spanish so i can actually communicate with all the people that are taking us places and helping us haha. 
ok i will talk to you again soon. LOVE YOU!!!!!!
-Hermana Raini Weller

I'm so relieved that her flight was uneventful and she's safe and sound on Church property. Like I said this morning as she waved goodbye..."she's in God's hands now", and I know He will watch over her and protect her.

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