Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 2--MexicoCCM (MTC)

Missionary Training Center, week #2

Centro de Capaciación Misional, semana 2 

It was so great to email back and forth today with Raini...she must be reading and typing so fast to cram all the reading of emails that piled up for the week and then try to respond to all of them in just ONE HOUR!! 
(they get one hour per week to correspond on the internet)
So, if you don't hear back from her right away, please don't give up on her...she had about 15 emails in her inbox today. And, she actually added photos this emai! Yay! I've been wondering why it's been 2 weeks and still no pics?! 
(I guess she left her cord here at home)

Hola,                          5 Dec 13
Its so weird that I have been here over 2 weeks now.. where has the time gone? So this week was good. We started teaching two new investigators.. but we just have one per day. One of them is a 50 year old man who is blind and lives alone and the other one is 18 and just parties every weekend. His mom is a member of The Church. They are both fake, of course..haha...they are actually both our teachers for language, so they come into our other classes and give us opportunities to practice teaching the Gospel. But, its kinda weird since we know them for real. It's tough.. Because they aren't real people it is some times really hard to think of them as real investigators and to care about them like that, because they're not real. But its been getting easier to teach in Spanish. I love it when I am able to actually say what I want to say in the language. But a lot of time I have to stumble through it.. haha. 

This week was really hard with my companions. The past few days we have been on such different pages, and its really hard to have the Spirit with us when we aren't on the same page. [Shauna's side-note: I remember telling Raini prior to her leaving how companionships were one of my greatest struggles on my mission. And even though I had heard that, I didn't think I would have problems--'cause I thought I was so easy to get along with! Hahha! But, a little tidbit for those who don't know what "companions" are: as LDS missionaries, you live, sleep, eat, and breathe with your "companion" ...they are like roommates, but you don't know them ahead of time, you don't choose them, and you never know how long you will spend with them (anywhere from 2-6 months). And you are not allowed to ever be by spend every minute together. The only time you can be by yourself is in the bathroom! It's very challenging...but is such a great way to learn charity, tolerance, patience, kindness, "on-the-job training" can see below how she's learning this lesson already--] is better. I am just praying so much to try and feel more love towards my companions and to be able to see their strengths so that we can work together better. 
I decided to ask our district leader for a blessing to help me with this companionship stuff...All I can say at this point is that I am so grateful for the Priesthood! To have this power back on the earth is such a powerful gift that we have been given from God. It can truly work miracles. I love it.

The other thing that this week I have felt is a huge thing for me is FAITH. Faith has such a short shelf life that we have to constantly be working on it and doing things to strengthen it... When we keep strong faith and trust in the Lord and keep all His commandments.. that's when we see the reward of our faith. I need to be more diligent and more faithful! 

This week I have definitely had my faith tried and then strengthened in my Savior. He is such the perfect example to me. As a representative of Him I really have to try and be as loving, kind, and charitable as He was when He lived on the earth. I know that He is willing to forgive and make us feel confident and clean again if we truly utilize his atonement.
I am so grateful to have him as my example, my brother, my Savior, Redeemer, and Advocate in the final judgement. 
I love this church! We had a pretty cool experience in class the other day.. our teacher took us to the little grove of trees and told us to have a question in mind of what we wanted to know.. something that we wanted God to answer for us. Then he gave us 10 minutes to just go into the trees by ourselves and to pray about it. It was so cool.. If we ever have a question- we can go to Him and humbly ask. And if we have true faith that we can receive an answer, we will. This is something we all can do. Go into a quiet place and pray and then just wait to hear the answer. Usually you can get the answer.. sometimes God will take time to give it to you. but it will come eventually.
OK well that's all for today. I have to go and have some more fun while we still can.. Love you all. 

Please send me some pictures if you can. That goes for everyone! Oh, and can you post on my Facebook some of those pictures and tell people to write to me! haha.. I miss people from home sometimes. But tell them they cant send me old fashion letters after like December 10th or so....I probably won't get them. It's just that emailing everyone is really hard 'cause of time so.. maybe I should just wait till I get back into the States??
Oh well, I love you Mom and Dad and everyone! 
-Hermana Weller

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