Friday, July 25, 2014

Raleigh July 21


They always say that after a really bad and hard week, it is a good week. And that was for sure:) last week was so hard!! we didnt find many people to teach, but now this past week was amazing.

So as a Spanish sister, its kinda tough because there are other little rules with teaching people haha. So when we meet someone and teach them a lesson normally it would be counted as a new investigator if we set up a return appointment. But since Hispanic people are all really nice and stuff (for the most part) we have to teach 2 lessons with a return appointment for them to be considered a new investigator. SO. If we were English sisters... this week we would have found 12-15 NEW INVESTIGATORS. Yeah. That is what I am talking about!!!! haha so now this week we just have to go back and complete the process. Alot of them are just really really great too. FAMILIES :) CHILDREN and parents! and also single mom families are really common too.. but yeah. it is just so great.

____ DOESNT HATE US!!!!!!!!! So we were really nervous last week about that.. We went to the mission office though and they let us have a LARGE print spanish Book of Mormon to give to her and so we wrote our testimonies in it and then we were going to just drop by and give it to her, but she wasnt there when we tried. So then we called her that night and she answered!! and said she had sent us a message and we just hadnt gotten it. WOO! then we set up an appointment with her and we were able to go and see her yesterday :) We gave her the Book of Mormon so now she can actually read it because she had a hard time seeing the regular sized one and her children just love us so much too. Ah. It makes me so happy, we are still moving forward with her and it is all good!!

Okay really funny story time. :)

So tuesday. We had some plans to go and visit people in the evening and we even had some exchanges set up to go with us! But the sky was really dark all day, and so of course it started POURING that evening so we had to change our plans a bit. But from walking...(running) from the church to the car, and then from our car to someones house we wanted to visit we got so wet (even though we had an umbrella) and I was wearing a white shirt....... so we had to go home to change. We made some changes in our plans and we got to go see the family with all the small children which was so great. :)

THEN. we got home to do our planning session and it was still raining a lot. and right as we were about to finish up planning the power went out! so we were using a flash light to help us finish up and then we realized that the power had been out for a little while and that sister evans had just bought ice cream last monday and it was going to be wasted and we NEEDED to eat it!! so we went into the kitchen with the flashlight and just huddled around the chocolate ice cream in the dark. Eating it right out of the carton. sister evans said "we are living every childs dream right now" hahahahah man I was dying laughing. Then after we ate BASTANTE ice cream we got ready for bed because it was time to and then the lights came back on haha.

okay one other funny story really fast.. we went into a gas station the other day to grab a fast snack because we had a huge lunch and didnt have time to eat a full dinner. But as we were walking back to our car there was this man and his girlfriend or something sittting at this table and he was like " you are the first mormon woman I have ever seen in my life!" and we were like what?! really? and so then we chatted a little and then concluded with well.. yup! we are real-life mormon woman AND we have a car haha they were really surprised about that one as well lol.

We went and served at the food bank for the first time this past week! That was fun :) we were in the warehouse.. cleaning pallets off and checking to see if there was mouse poop any where hahah fun stuff!

Well I love you all so much! The Lord really does love us so much. We are so blessed. I love being out here and I cant believe it has been 8 months! AH! Time is flying. My spanish is getting so much better. I have been just praying my hardest to be able to learn better and understand even more and I see His help. I love this work! I love you! I miss you all! I dont know if my mail has been getting sent back or what but I havent gotten any mail since I have been here really haha.. So pick it back up people! lol jk :)

Hermana Weller

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