Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14 Raleigh

Woo! Another great week from Raleigh NC :) It has been definitely getting TOASTY here.. haha yesterday was incredibly hot. Man.

Not a whole whole lot happened this week...
This week was tough.
But it was good. We went on exchanges with the sister leaders which was interesting.. hahah I felt bad for my comp, Sister Evans because she stayed here in our area and had to try and find people to visit who spoke English, but that didn't end up working I guess haha she basically had to teach everyone by herself because all her lessons were in Spanish! But luckily they were just with less active members and such:) I got to go and speak just English! haha it was weird to be back in an English setting...haha but it was a good change.

Unfortunately after our really good lesson last week with ___ we haven't been able to get up with her! We don't know what happened :( But its really sad and we hope that we can some how figure out what is the problem and salvage that baptismal date! She is so great and we know that she really enjoyed everything that we had taught her.

So we have been having a really hard time finding new investigators to teach. This week we are just going to have to buckle down and double our faith we decided. We are going to have to pray more fervently and with more trust in the Lord that he is going to help lead and guide us to those we need to find! We have been doing a lot of good work with some less-actives and recent coverts though so that is really great. One of them that we have been helping get back is about 24 and he is now saying he is having desires to serve a mission!!! It is just so great to see the atonement really work in peoples' lives.

I am sorry this week's letter is not very exciting!!! I don't have a ton to report about this week that was super stellar. I do KNOW though that Christ really did suffer for me and truly has grace and mercy for all of us. I have been relying on his grace so much lately in helping me be able to learn and understand Spanish more... I know that obedience even if we dont really understand it or agree with whatever the commandment or rule might be will bring blessings EVERY time. I LOVE the Book of Mormon SO much! I have been in Alma 26-29 and I seriously just want to be like those missionaries! They are such great examples. I want that joy!! I want to make all my hard work worth it in the end, and that I can pass out because of my exceeding joy just like Ammon did;) hahaha..

Well I hope you all have a great week. and I love you so much. Trust in the Lord. He WILL help us if we have the faith and belief that He will.

-Hermana Weller

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