Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TRANSFERRED to Raleigh!!

Well folks,
After a great almost 6 months.. I am going to be leaving good old Wallace to go to the opposite way of life here in the mission... IM GOING TO RALEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am kind of freaking out actually right now. I have to speak Spanish full time now.. And I haven't been for the past like 3 months.. I am so nervous! But excited at the same time. Man. This is craziness.. I found out I was transferring after dinner on Friday night right before we went over to the _____'s. So you can imagine when we told her.. It was not super good haha. She was really really sad. But we are going to see them again tonight! The last appointment here in Wallace.

Anyways.. Thanks for the pictures of y'all on vacation, you look so great and look like it is so much fun!! I am totally jealous but it is okay. haha

Let me tell you about the rest of the week and I will get to these past few days:)..So we went Monday and taught another lesson to this great Hispanic family we found last week. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the mom just started bawling.. She has a few relatives back in Honduras that are really sick and they don't know what is wrong with them.. so it was just perfect for us to teach that. :) we were supposed to see them again yesterday or something but they had to reschedule:/ But it is super exciting! They have 3 kids and are all of baptismal age:) the great thing too is I think Sister Cardenas (the one from Tucson who I had known a little but before my mission) is the one coming here to Wallace to take my place-- and she obviously can speak Spanish for real! hahaha.. So the Spanish work will move forward a lot better now:)

Then Thursday-- we got to go out to Fayetteville to hear from Elder Corbridge!!!!!!!!! I loved his talk in general conference so it was so neat to meet him in real life. He instructed us for like 2 hours too! It was soo good. Literally amazing.. I learned so much and we were able to come back and apply things right away in our area that he had talked about:) He told us we really need to help people understand 1. why 2. how 3. what with everything we teach. We need them to understand the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST because that really can answer those questions. Helping people know WHY they should do things we invite them to do!! then him and his wife also talked about not beating yourself up and being upset with your self. And it was just perfect. it was literally just what I needed right then.. And I was sitting right in the middle of the chapel-- and he was looking at me like the whole time. I literally felt like he was talking directly at me. It was amazing.

Then Friday we found out about transfers.. sad day haha but at the same time exciting! and then Saturday we went to a baptism with Lorena up in Jacksonville! It was so good:) the spirit was SO strong and I just started crying at the end when we had to sing the closing song "Lord, I would Follow Thee" (for some reason that is ALWAYS the song we have to sing when I am super emotional.. Its one of my fav's though:)) because ____ was there with us and I want so badly for her to be baptized!!! and i was sad I was leaving and all that.. but it was a good experience for sure!

We were at the Niebaur's to say goodbye...

                                                             Here I am with Lorena

Here's our last picture of our zone...

This is Rachel, Yami's mom

                                                                      Yami and I

                                                                    Sister Alvarez and I

Then yesterday at church it was just super unreal that everything was happening, I had to baer my testimony.. and Sister _____ and Sister ____ both were at church! It was so great:) and then we went and ate dinner with the ____'s one last time and saw _____ one last time.. and I didn't really get upset about going until today Brother ____ called us and told me that he is really going to miss me and that I have been one of his favorite "grand daughters" :) They are the BEST. I am going to miss them a ton.

Well wish me luck in my now totally Spanish adventures! I am off to the "promised land" of Raleigh! haha.. I can't believe it.
I love you so so so so so much. Thank you for your support and your emails. It helps so much each week.
I know this church is SO true. The Spirit is something un-deniable. I hope we all are able to recognize when He is speaking to us.. giving us that guidance and direction.. Have a wonderful week.

-Hermana Weller

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