Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Mom Would Be So PROUD!!

This week was really good! The reason I titled this email what I did is because we did some service this week (cleaning) and afterwards I was like.. Wow, if my mom saw this she would be proud of me haha! Really, Mom. You would be proud of how well I clean and how good our house stays!

We helped Sister ____ clean out her car this week.. It was pretty grody (idk how to spell that) because when ___ was still here those kids tore up her back seat! But after we were done with it, it looked great.. and we were sweaty haha.

This week we got to meet yet another friend of ___'s and we are now teaching her:) She is really great! We taught her about the gospel of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end) and then at the end she started just crying and crying and we were like.. What are you feeling right now? She said, "scared". And we said what are you afraid of? Basically she said she is scared of going full force into a church again because as a teenager she had a really bad experience:( But she felt the Spirit and she opened up to us and we think she has great potential. We are excited to keep teaching her.

We got to go see ___ with Sister ___ and teach her about prophets and why we listen to their counsel and about the Word of Wisdom. She has been reading the Book of Mormon just from the beginning and she is enjoying it! She said she doesnt really have any problems with the word of wisdom so we are still doing great with her! She came to church yesterday.. and wow. it was a good sacrament meeting!! She was crying, I was crying, it was just really good. We are having her pray about June 14th. (she has to be baptized by that day because June 16th is transfers and I don't know if I am staying or not!!!) haha:) It's not about me.. I just really would love to be able to see her take that step.

Then the other cleaning we did was for Sister ___. She is less active and we have been working with her forever! We went and helped her clean her house (deep clean it!) because her back is pretty bad and she can't do certain things that we have no problem doing. So that was good. It was nice to get dirty and clean and just talk with her and build that trust. She ordered pizza and we ate lunch with her whole family before we left and she said she was for sure going to come to church and then she didn't :( It is really hard to have that happen because they seem sincere and our less-actives we are working with really are changing and want to come. But then they don't. We are going to do what you said, Dad- and go knock on their door before church and make sure they are getting ready.. but some of them live really far away) :)

But yesterday was really just such a great day at church, I love fast Sundays. I always just feel the Spirit so strongly when I am fasting and it is crazy how much easier fasting has become even though I do it longer than I used to. Our lessons were all just so great and the spirit helped me learn some things and write down some things that I want to make sure and apply to my family when I get home and down the road when I start my own family.

I have been loving the Book of Mormon so much this time that I am reading it through.. I have been just trying to absorb it ALL because when I gave away my first book of Mormon experience book I feel like I lost a lot of my ability to just turn and find a scripture. So this time I am trying to just lock it in:)

I love you all so much. I know that the Lord loves us all very very much and He puts people in our lives so we can effect them and bring them closer to Him just through our example. I know fasting is powerful. It can help us to feel the Spirit so much.

Well. that is all for this week.. Nothing extremely exciting! Life is great as a missionary though:) so great.

-Hermana Weller

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