Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter #3 from NC

Well.. Where do I even start?!

hmm.. this week was great again.

Our investigator who had a baptismal date unfortunately had to push the date back because she has some things she needs to take care of before she's ready to be baptized.

So February 8th is the new date for her! But she is amazing.. her family and everything is not so great. They have a lot of different problems, and she is the one shining star of hope in that family. Its going to be great to see how being baptized and following Christ helps her and her family.

Yesterday we contacted a Spanish-speaking family that was so fun! They are Catholic and the husband had SO many questions about so many different things. They don't really know anything about the Church, so it was just random things about religion in general. We are pretty excited about them because they have 4 kids.. the youngest is 9 and the oldest is 20. They were super super nice and interested in talking and asking questions. The cool thing is that we prayed to have a Hispanic family to be teaching by the end of last week and we found them yesterday!

We are still teaching the 13 year old girl, ____. She is just so amazing and elect. I can't wait for her to finally be baptized, but she is really reluctant to set a date or even really consider it right now. She wants to know everything!!! So we started from the beginning with her and we are just going through all of the different lessons to make sure she really knows everything. The thing is, her dad is not active in church, but the other day when we were teaching her-- he came in the room and sat and listened to us teach her! That was good!

Ok.. a couple of really funny things: The other day we went on an exchange with the lady in our ward who was so excited to be able to "be a missionary before she dies", Sister ____. She and her husband are our adopted grandparents...they are so awesome:) Anyway, we went out to this trailer park area to find a referral and since it has been raining a lot, the roads are really muddy and have huge puddles. So, we are driving through the grass and she gets STUCK in the front yard of the person's house we were trying to find! SO embarrassing haha!!

Sister Moore and I got out of the car and tried pushing the car out of the mud and we couldn't stop laughing! Because we were laughing so much, it was pretty ineffective! hahaha. Then a chunk of mud flew up front the tire and landed in Sister Moore's hair and we just lost it. It was hilarious!!

Then the guy who lives inside came out and was like "Do you need help?" We were like, YES! haha

So, he got his big truck and pulled us right on out of the mud and we left. We were too embarrassed to tell him why were there in the first place...haha. Sister ____ was thanking the Lord the whole way home in her car.. it was so cute! She is a convert to the church and just loves the church so much. She has a solid testimony and we love that she's helping us out.

Then...get this!!... last night at a dinner appointment at a member's house the husband informs us that he used to be TAYLOR SWIFT'S BODY GUARD.!!???!! I was freaking out.. I was just dying when he told us that.. haha. (Raini has been to a couple of Taylor Swift's concerts and LOVES her...can you tell?) We were asking him so many questions, it was funny. I can't believe he knows her personally! He knows a lot about her... even her social security number! He went on tour all over the world with her!!! It was so cool. haha. He might hook me up with a pic from her Speak Now concert that he still has! Woohoo!!

Well.. back to missionary stuff...haha...We have been visiting many members of our branch who've kind of fallen away this week, trying to get more of the ward roster to come back to church. One family has a really sad situation because the husband is a return-missionary, but they have been inactive for about a year. It's obvious he wants to go back to church so bad. We could just tell when we were visiting them the other day. It broke my heart because his wife seems to not share his same desire to come back to church:( He said they will be there this next week though... we will see.

Oh! So, a couple weeks ago we met this lady, ____, when we were trying to find the apartment of the family I was just talking about. She was getting her daughter into the car and we started talking to her. She gave us her phone number to set up an appointment with her for a better time later that week. But then, she cancelled on us and wouldn't answer our texts after that. So, we stopped by again the other day when we were passing by and she opened her door! Yay! We told her that if she wasn't really interested, it was okay... just tell us that and we will stop bothering her. But, then she was like, "No... I am just going through a really hard time right now. I just moved here and it's been really hard." She almost started crying right then and could tell she really did want God in her life... I felt so bad for her. I wanted to just give her a hug!! We told her that this Gospel could change her life and help her get through those difficult times in life. She said, "Okay, but right now isn't good.. maybe in a few weeks?" We told her, "Of course!" So, we are going to get back up with her in 2 weeks and see how she is doing. (Did you notice that "get back up with her"...??? hah) She is a young mom and I think there may be some family issues...that's why she just moved here. I really think stopping and talking to her that day was SO inspired. I think she is ready for the Gospel right now. And, I want it for her so badly! Pray for her, please.

Well, our other family that we found last week that are kinda crazy... well, the mom is just craZY.....well, she might be getting evicted from her house this week. I don't know why she hasn't tried getting a job or anything...she just gambles. So, I am not sure that we will be able to make much progress with her right now with all that going on. And, if they have to move.. we won't be able to meet with them anymore, obviously.

So, this morning in our companion study we were super inspired about something... we just need to work harder!!! We both felt this same inspiration...we need to work with our current active members who have friends they want to share the Gospel with. It's the members of the church that actually get things moving with people in the area! I know what it is like to have a friend you have always wanted to share the Gospel with. So, I know there must be people around here who have friends they know would benefit from the Church in their lives. And there are several people here who are feeling like since we are sisters, instead of elders, their friends (usually the women) will actually be receptive to us, as women! So, that's exciting. We just want to leave a legacy here in Wallace... we are the first sister missionaries to come here...we want to set a great standard for all the rest who come after us! They will remember us and say..."Oh, yeah..those sisters came here tore it up and made a difference." haha.. They need strong members here.. the branch is just so small.

I know that this is the reason we are here! It makes me so excited about the work here in Wallace...I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is amazing how much i get out of it every single day. I have never really read it and understood it like I have been this time around.. reading it everyday for meaning, not just inspiration, helps you understand the story line so much better. If you can read more than just one chapter at a's like a great novel! I have a hard time putting it down most of the time!

Oh, I really need people's physical home addresses so I can send more letters. My companion gets letters like every single day of the week haha! Problem is, we have just a short time to email and then the rest of the day we can write letters so.. yeah:) Help me out! I love you all so much!!!

If you are gonna send another package soon.. i could use some slippers. my feet get soooooo cold every single morning. its freezing!! haha. also some healthy snacks would be great:) last thing..It's crazy how much I have realized that nothing I used to care about in the world really matters. I understand how people come back off their missions and have a hard time with reality..cause this is really where I would want to spend the rest of my life...sharing the most important thing with people and helping them change their lives for the better. It's companion was freaking out about that the other day because she only has 6 months left now!! She hit her year mark the other day and she started panicking a bit. But I get what she means! After doing this a year I bet it will be tough to know you have to go back home and be a normal person. haha

Okay...well, have a good week!! I love you all so much. Pray earnestly, read the scriptures, and go to the temple!!

I miss it! I miss you all!! I pray for you every night.

Again, love y'all so much,

Hermana Weller

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