Monday, January 13, 2014

A few more tid-bits...

These are some more details from Raini via some chatting back and forth with Jonathan today on email:

He asked her about her camera...if it's ever been found/returned...

No...I still don't have a camera...I would love a new camera.. its really sad not having a way to take pictures
I am so sorry you have to buy me a new one. I am still pretty upset over that whole thing. I had so many pictures I hadn't saved anywhere!! ugh. I am pretty for sure that it was stolen. :(

He then asked for more details on the "weird food" she mentioned...

Ugh, the food...for's not good...they call it country food: it's basically rice with some kind of gravy stuff with fried chicken wings..and some strange corn mashed stuff...haha...that's typical.

Oh, and they have some funny ways of saying things out,

"mash the lights"...that means, "turn off the lights" haha!

And, "we got up with someone" means "we met up with someone"'s so funny!

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