Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Skype!!!!

Well. It was so great to have this week.. It went incredibly fast because I just couldn't wait for Christmas to come and then it all of the sudden happened! And now here we are already to another Monday.. but...
Honestly the best part was to get to talk to you all on Christmas. thank you so much for that :) Sometimes, I feel like I don't even have a family lol. I just feel like I am me and that's it because I have gotten to used to being out here so far away.. but then when i get to talk to you it is just like good old times! haha. I love that we just laugh so much when we do those skype calls.

Anyways.. So we had a fun week! The couple days before Christmas and Christmas Eve, we were able to do some really great stuff. We went caroling on Monday night for FHE with a family in the ward and that was just really special. It isnt really something that hispanic people do, so it was fun to share a tradition with them (even though our family doesnt really go caroling.. other white people usually do and they come to our house soo.. yeah hahaha)
Then we got to meet ___ family. ____ is 16- a recent convert of the elders in our ward.. they wanted us to go over and try to teach her mom! she has a step dad too but they didn't think he was really that interested. UNTIL he has come to church the past couple of weeks and the Christmas dinner too.. and then last night they had dinner there and the mom and dad decided to set a marriage date for Saturday because they want to be married and get baptized!!!!! so that is pretty much the miracle of the week right there. amazing.. and i love that the examples of the children are what effect the parents so much! Like Daisy.. she was baptized exactly 1 year ago yesterday and it is just so neat because in this past year her brother and mom have been baptized too. so great!! these youth are amazing.

Speaking of Daisy and her mom.. we got to see them on Christmas eve eve and it was so great because we shared with them Luke 2. We all went around and read a verse like we always do on Christmas eve at Grama and Grandpas! and we told them to keep it as a tradition to do every year :) that was neat.

Then! Christmas eve! We had district meeting.. and ate food.. and did some studies. Then we got to go with the English sisters in our district to sing at an old folks place. it was really special too. they loved it and I don't know what it is, but when I go to places like that I can just feel an instant love and care for those people.. it was a really great experience. We got to sing in Spanish and English :)
then we went and ate a ton of food at the ____'s.. goodness. She made so much!!!! And, soooo good!!1 But the good news is that i now know how to make flan and choco-flan too!!
then we went out to another families house, and they wanted us to eat too!!! and they made even more food than the ___'s!!!! so that was insane. I was dying on the way home haha i was SO full. my stomach has never been that stuffed in my life. i thought my birthday was bad.. this was even worse!

Then Christmas day- opened all the presents! :) that was great :) and then we got to do studies as normal and then go talk to y'alL!!!! and then ate SO much at the bishop's.. it was sooooo yummy :)

since then it has been a little rough getting lessons with people because everyone is still hanging out with their family and what not.. but we did get to see ____ and ____ which was a miracle because it was the day after Christmas and we just were in the area and everything else wasnt working out! so that was pretty amazing. :) unfortunately she isnt doing super good in the ways of getting back on track with everything like she had wanted to just a couple of months ago. she is working 2 jobs with ridiculous hours so it is just craziness all the time. she hardly sees her daughter and shes falling back into other bad habits. But once January is over she is hoping to be able to change her schedule to be able to come to church again and have more time to be with ___.. and then hopefully she will be able to be baptized at that point then.

____ and her girls are doing good! I gave them the Pero you sent to help them stop drinking coffee.. they really really want to! they really want to be baptized! we are still hoping for mid-January with them.

well.. this week was generally just really good because of the holidays and everything. but we are really going to have to crack down this week and get to work finding new people after the new years because our teaching pool is back to being really low.
I love you all and i will talk to you again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Hermana Weller

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