Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to Hermana Weller!

Help Raini celebrate her 20th birthday in the mission field! Send a package, a birthday card, or just an email! She would LOVE it, I'm sure!

Here's her latest email:

Hola everyone! :)
Such a great week.. honestly after last week being a bit harder with not having many lessons and not seeing a ton of people, it was so great to see miracles this week!!!

Okay so you know last week how i told you that we found that lady, ___- the one who just moved into the ward and has a 9 year old daughter? well, she is absolutely amazing... just wow. She wants to just completely change her life around, and she knows exactly how she is going to do it. She really doesn't need any strengthening with the gospel principles because she knows it all. She just needed help getting to the church, and they came yesterday! It was so cute because they came like 10 mins early.. She was so excited to come back. and her daughter had so many questions about things that Aida told us exactly what we have been thinking. she wants us to teach her! and get her to the point of baptism!! WHOOO! And for her first time in primary she LOVED it. they are just the best.. seriously. gah! I love them so much and we have only known them a week. They are just so great, the Lord has something great in store for them.. He has been working so hard for her for the past year or so. He wants her back on His side SO much. yay!

We had another incredible lesson this past week with ___ and ___.. I cant even handle how prepared and elect they are! They are seeking the truth so so so badly.. yet they haven't been reading the BOM. so, we started with watching the Bible video of Christs baptism. and it was super powerful and then we talked about the key things about Christs baptism.. 1. immersion and 2. proper authority. It was kinda funny because ___ was like well.. I don't really know why the Catholic church changed those things if that is how Christ was baptized I don't know why they decided to change it... so then we read out of the BOM in 3 nephi 11 when He teaches about authority and immersion and then in Romans 6 the symbolism of immersion. It was really great. But to really punch in the point of the importance of the BOM as well as EVERYTHING else we have taught them.. we read a scripture that I recently found since I recently started the BOM over again. 1 Nefi 13:40-- "These last records, which thou hast seen among theGentiles, shall establish the truth of the first, which are of the twelve apostles of the Lamb, and shall make known the plain andprecious things which have been taken away from them; and shall make known to all kindreds, tongues, and people, that the Lambof God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the world; and that all men must come unto him, or they cannot besaved."
so.. basically. it is saying the PLAIN and PRECIOUS truths and details of the gospel were taken out of the Bible.. because of the errors of men with out the power of the priesthood and everything during the apostasy.. BUT because we have the BOM those truths have been restored. and it is amazing. and so we were finally able I think to help them see the true reason we have the BOM and why we want them to read it so badly. Daisy, (the 16 year old who just got baptized a year ago and is absolutely AMAZING) she was with us and she was able to bare an amazing testimony and personal experience with everything we taught.. in talking about baptism/catholic church/seeking the truth.. everything and they felt it so much. We are going to see them again tomorrow, hopefully they have received their answer this time. :) please pray for them!!

After that lesson and now that it has become just such firm knowledge of the truthfulness of the BOM to me personally we have been sharing that with all of our active members too. We have been playing this really fun game where it is like "telephone" but you write a sentence and then draw a picture and then you keep repeating that cycle.. and it gets changed each time, and sometimes it is REALLY funny because i cant draw... lol. But really, at any moment in our personal lives we might have an apostasy.. there are times where we just feel further away from the spirit.. we might have doubts.. whatever it might be!! BUT just like the world, when it was in that time of darkness and confusion.. we can have individual restorations.. and through the same way that the plain and precious truths of the gospel were restored to the earth is how they can be restored to just personally.. THE BOOK OF MORMON!
I love that book so much. I know it is so so so true. I hope you all feel that as well.

Another quick story! we had a picnic ward activity on Saturday! and we had tried to see a less-active youth, ___, the other day and she wasn't there.. but we called her and invited her to come to the picnic.. we didn't really think she was going to come.. but we were pleasantly surprised when she showed up!!!! it was so great! :) she told us she really likes us.. she didn't really feel it so much with the other sisters I guess. so that's good! and then we hung out with her with some of the other girls her age the whole time there. We played some soccer and squirrel ball with the little girls since the elders were there and we cant play sports together.. and it was actually really really fun! Then after the picnic we went and had a lesson with ___ at her house and shared the talk by Elder Uchtdorf "Your Happily Ever After" and talked about the plan of salvation. she had a bajillion questions so it was good to talk to her.. she is the only member of her family so it is hard with all the other things she is told and she hears.. but then by the end we got to the root of why she doesn't come to church and probably why her family stopped progressing and didn't get baptized.. she told us she doesn't believe in the BOM.

ITS ALL ABOUT THE BOM PEOPLE! if you know it is true.. everything else just falls into place.

but anyways.. she came to church yesterday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a miracle. gah!!! it was so good.

well. i also really love my companion. I dont ever want to have to leave this area and her!! we just get along SO well. it is so chill and NEVER any kind of contention it is the best. we are putting together a powder puff football turkey bowl game lol because we just we want to play sports too. so its gonna happen. (shout out to dad! we are trying to use all of our talents to do our work!! haha)
But comp (new trainee) told me yesterday that she has never been so grateful for someone other than her family as much as she is grateful for me... wow.. I couldn't believe that she said that! it was very humbling. I am so grateful the Lord gave me another chance to train and that I was actually prepared for it this time.. I love being a missionary. I don't ever want to not be haha..

well. that is all for this week! :) I love you all so much. Thanks for the birthday wishes... I really can't believe I am 20. SO WEIRD. I am going to gain like 20 pounds my b-day this year because everyone and their mom invited us over to "celebrate" aka: EAT really really good food. hahahaha
Thanks again for everything all you do for me. It means a ton.


Hermana Weller

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