Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Six Months Gone Already!

Well. I can't believe I've been out for 6 months already! Time is going way too fast.

I am sorry that I didn't get online yesterday.. Maybe you figured it out, it was Memorial Day and the library wasn't open, so we just decided to come today:)

Last week seems like a long time ago haha! Well. We got to see ___ and ___ and ____ again at the beginning of the week.. We taught about The Law of Chastity and The Sabbath Day.. and that was interesting haha. But the great thing about it was that we made a list of things with them that we should do on Sundays and things we shouldn't do...They taped it onto their wall in the living room! haha. They are so great:) We got to do service for them Tuesday, we cleaned the kitchen for them and then helped pick up a bunch of trash and take it to the dump:) it was fun, we got to wear jeans!! haha..

Oh man. funny story about jeans. So we saw them Monday, and then we decided to come do service the next day and we told them we could wear jeans! and they were like "oh, we have this pair of jeans that we got for our cousin and they dont fit her.. they might fit you!" So, I took them, and they were like "these are special jeans too.. they are "levanta pompis" brand! hahahahahahahaha..[that means, "Butt Lift Brand"] Unfortunately, I couldn't get them all the way up my legs.. but it was so funny.

We went and had dinner with the ______'s this week as well.. and wow. After we ate dinner we went outside to have a little lesson with Sister _____ (because it is glorious weather) AND because the elders showed up asking if they could eat there haha.. (we now understand why the elders get more meals per week than us..) Anyways. We went outside and sat with Sister ______. She wants us to help her learn English, so we read out of the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in English with her.. That then lead to her telling us her life story (literally). And it is inspiring.. She is an incredible woman that I respect so much.. I don't know if I have ever met someone with as much faith as she has. As she told us her story I was crying.. I have really come to have a greater understanding and respect for the Hispanic people that come here to America.. Their lives in their own countries are horrible. All they want is for their kids to have a better life.. I still don't exactly think it is ok to come illegally, but it is just sad and humbling to hear their stories.

We got to see the ________'s again! Woo! haha:) we talked about the atonement with them.. and this was the miracle of the week:) As we were discussing how Jesus Christ can help us change and things like that, Sister _____ told us that she had recently decided that she is going to quit drinking all together... We hadn't even addressed that issue really! and she just felt that on her own. The Spirit is truly amazing, it can soften peoples' hearts and truly help them know the things they need to change. And when they feel that, they cant deny it. We have another lesson tonight with them and we are really excited to talk about the WOW more.. The best part about it was that Sunday we went over to his parents' house for dinner and unlike last time-- she didn't drink anything!! :) and guess what they made for us? COW TONGUE! haha man.. i am just eating everything possible from cows.. it is not too bad. It is really really soft meat!

Yesterday was a great day as well.. We had a weird preparation day because we didn't email but it was nice to just be kinda lazy! we relaxed and cleaned the house and shopped. Then when we went out last night to do visits all we really had planned was tracting a few different areas. So we had set a goal the night before to find 4 new investigators.. I had been praying so so so hard all day and night that we could do it. We went out and we just kept having to speak Spanish! haha it was great. we don't get that many opportunities in a week usually! So we got in a door and had a lesson with a woman who was Catholic.. she wasn't really feeling it that much but we taught her the restoration up to the Great Apostasy and she definitely learned something new!

Then. We went over to see a potential investigator and they weren't home.. So we went to a trailer at the front of the street and the family was all sitting outside. The parents, 2 boys and a girl. They are Hispanic as well.. they let us in no problem :) and the two boys are 11 and 13.. they sat in with their parents the whole time and listened to us (it may have been just because they were amused with our Spanish....) but they were so humble and nice. We gave all of them Books of Mormon and then we started talking about "is there life after death?" and so we are going back to teach the Plan of Salvation in a few days. At the end we asked if there was anything specifically we could pray for and she said her mom was really really sick.. People's questions of the soul are always related to the things they are struggling with and the Book of Mormon can ALWAYS answer those questions and concerns. And the best part..? they are a FAMILY of 4. We had prayed for that specifically.. and we found them.

The Lord is truly here working WITH us and helping us find opportunities each day. I recently read the allegory in Jacob 5 and I used to think it was so boring but now I LOVE IT! it is US. exactly..

I love you all so much and I know that if we keep our faith strong and we work hard in keeping the commandments of the Lord we can see miracles in our lives.. Not just in missionary work but with everything.

Have a great week!!!!!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!

-Hermana Weller :)

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