Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10th Letter From Fayetteville


Well this week I got 5 letters! yay! Thanks to those friends and family :) I feel loved..
So this week has been really great. Sister Bluth went to a leadership meeting last Sunday and it was all about "Hastening the Work" and how THIS IS THE TIME..The Lord is hastening His work because we are in the Last Days. And she shared with us some of the really amazing things the leaders of this area are talking about.. In this stake (our Fayetteville Zone) they have a goal for over 200  baptisms in the year 2014. And that goal was set by a newer stake president.. He is completely confident that that is an achievable goal. And so are we. We had an AMAZING zone meeting this past Wednesday.. We discussed this idea with the whole zone and what we need to do to get there. And it was just so inspiring and faith building. I left the meeting feeling like I could take on the world and go talk with anyone and everyone and that I needed to because.. 
THIS IS THE TIME. The Lord has prepared people and we need to go out and bring them home!
We talked about how we can more fully commit ourselves to the Lord and how we can be more "consecrated" missionaries.. what do we have that is holding us back from having more faith and doing more? And something that I had heard from some people is that they only read mail on preparation day.. and I thought that was dumb so I have been reading and re-reading my letters from ya'll in the evening at the end of the day because I want to! It's exciting to get mail! Right. 
So, on Sunday as a companionship we had been talking about this idea of sacrificing everything to the Lord...about what we could do to show the Lord our willingness to sacrifice...and I thought.. well.. I COULD stop reading mail on ..Sundays.. kinda like how I would try to not do homework on the Sabbath...but I have been doing that on Sundays my whole time out here so far because I want to read my mail! haha. And that's when I realized...yeah, I probably SHOULD give it up. Because it is something difficult for me and selfish...not in a bad way, but you know.. 
So Monday morning I committed that I wasn't going to read my mail this week until today and in return I asked Heavenly Father to help me in my ability to speak and understand Spanish.
Well, guess what.
Tuesday I had the best day of Spanish since I have been out here. I felt like I could understand 80-90% of what was going on instead of like 70. And I felt like I was speaking easier as well. I know that this is going to be a blessing. It has been tough haha! But the Lord will bless us if we are willing to give up something good for something better..and ask for a specific blessing from it. He blesses us when we sacrifice. It's an eternal law.
Our ____ family is doing great. I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOO MUCH. I have never loved another family so much... I am SO SAD that I am leaving this area soon. I love them.  But they are doing great. They WILL get baptized.. maybe not before I leave because they want to KNOW everything.. but one day, soon. They will be amazing members of the church to help build God's Kingdom.
Well.. We also got to go to a Quinceñera!! That was an experience! hahah. I wanted to go out and dance so badly!!! But we helped serve food and clear tables and such.. pixs to come :) 

We also learned how to make flour tortillas from scratch! It was fun:) sooo yummy.. Costa Vida tortillas:)))
I love you so much. I really started missing Lincoln yesterday while I was watching another family during sacrament meeting. Tell him I love him so much and to expect a little something from me in the mail for his birthday :)
-Hermana Weller-

p.s. if you haven't watched the hastening the work videos on lds.org you should
Click below and watch!! only 4 mins +/-
Hasten the Work

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