Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hermana Weller is in North Carolina!!

We were so happy to hear from Rain on Monday as she was in route and arrived in NC. If you didn't read on FaceBook already--she had some bumps in the road on the transition from the MTC to the mission field: camera stolen/all MTC pics gone; 2 hours of sleep and a red-eye from Mexico City airport all by herself (no other missionaries were even in the same airport gate); problems with phone/calling card in Atlanta airport and couldn't call us; asked a random stranger to borrow her cellphone and we were able to speak for about 5-10 mins is all. But, thankfully her mission president was kind enough to let her call us the evening she arrived! She sounded to much better and said she was able to sleep, regroup and focus on the plane, only to be blessed with a missionary opportunity right on the plane with a man who spoke very little English sitting next to her! She was able to spend the rest of the flight speaking Spanish the entire time and sharing a little about the Gospel of Jesus Christ by telling him about her mission and the Book of Mormon. And then, during the drive with the President and his wife from the airport, there was another sister who came from Guatemala who didn't speak English and Raini was the only one who could really communicate with her. So, she was pretty excited about the opportunities to use the language already on day one!

Also, there are some great members of the church there in North Carolina who've already been in contact with me and gave me her address and even a photo of her and her first companion and trainer, Sister Moore! 

She is serving in a small town in the middle of nowhere called Wallace. They are both new to the area as they are opening a brand new Spanish Sisters Area! I guess her companion has been out a little while but just was switched over to Spanish-speaking. I have no idea her background with the will be interesting to find out!
Here's a pic and address:

You can mail letters directly to this address as well as care packages. :)

Sister Raini Weller
6324 NC Hwy 41
South Wallace, NC 28466

She got lucky and is assigned to a car area! Yay, since we never did buy a bike yet. ;{ And I guess there are quite a few Hispanics in this small farming town, so her Spanish will come in handy. Also I was told that a kind member of the church in this town who owns a restaurant is willing to feed them anytime for FREE! So she won't go hungry. Awwe! Such a comfort!

Jonathan and I were already on Google Earth checking out the house where she is living and "driving" down the street...haha. She is going to have a great experience there, I'm sure. I can't wait to hear from her!

Thank you again for all your prayers, love and support. It's going to be a wonderful new year...2014 will bring great things.

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