Friday, December 13, 2013

Week #3 MTC

Hola familia!!

Today I have been missing you sooooo much. I actually cried for the first time...feeling homesick. But, we went to the temple this morning which helps. It's hard to do it all in Spanish, but it is really cool to think that the lady I went through for was able to get her temple work done in her own native language... I think that is something special about being able to do a temple session in a different language.
OK! First off: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CINNAMON ROLLS! Wooooh!! They tasted slightly different than normal Cinnabons but oh well. I shared them with my district and everyone loved them! Thank you none the less. That was so good :) 

Ok. NOW, the explanation for the title of this email.... yup. I sprained my ankle playing ultimate frisbee the other day. I was just running and the grass is like real grass here haha.. its longer than i am used to and my shoes aren't the lightest shoes i have (which btw for Christmas I would loveeee Nike Frees..haha). So I was running to block the throw and then all of the sudden bam! my foot twisted out and POP. i knew it instantly that it was hurt for real cuz that freaking distinct sound that i HATE. so yeah.. it got super fat.. and now its brusing. But I have been icing it like crazy and wrapping it and taking it easy. which has been really hard because I love to play ultimate frisbee every week.. but oh well. maybe its helping me slow down a little bit to be with my companions a little bit more. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. By the way, things have been so much better this week with my comps...we have worked things out and are on the same page now with planning and teaching lessons.

Next, thank you mom for also sending pictures. I need them so badly. I need more physical ones of our family to be able to look at during the week haha. Thanks tho :) 

Ok so... Let me tell you more about the CCM/MTC! Every day goes by super fast now.. its weird. I cant believe we are starting week 4! We said goodbye to the last district on Monday so now its just us and one other district in our zone. They leave on this Monday so we will be the only district in our zone until next Thursday when we will get some newbies! that will be fun. 

So, our zone plays this game every day during our meals.. its called "What are the odds?" We made it up. Haha. So basically we concoct something really gross (left over foods all shoved into a cup with some kind of liquid) and then you play against someone and the loser has to eat it/drink it. It ts so funny.. I dont participate very often because i don't want to throw up! hahaha. But yesterday I played and I lost. So I had to eat FLAN. Ughhhh. So gross! haha. It actually wasn't as bad as some of the things people put together tho... like they take a bite of a habanero... or they have to eat watermelon covered in hot sauce...or drink soup of some sort haha. Anyway, it's hilarious. 

Last night we played Pictionary for like half an hour in our classroom before dinner, and it was the most hilarious thing... Seriously these guys in my district are so funny. We were on teams and my team name was "Team Luz" because I always go around singing "Jesus es mi Luz" everyone knows that that is like my thing. Anyways.. we start going and I keep getting extremely easy words like diamond, rainbow, judge and the other teams are getting stuff like Giddeon, Moroni, ect. hahaha So it was so funny because it just kept happening...I was crying from laughing so hard. 

So this week I came upon this scripture: D&C 67:10 
And it hit me really hard: We all have the ability to be able to come to know Christ and see Him if we humble ourselves enough; if we have that strong unwavering faith, and just believe He is there.  
It has been so awesome lately as I have been reading my Book of Mormon...that is, when I don't have a lesson to be studying or planning for (which now is gonna be never because we are starting to have 3 investigators this week) and it is so cool because I am finally understanding the Book of Mormon as a story line, not just random events or a chapter of scripture that I read. We talked this week in a class about how the Book of Mormon doesn't contain anything that isn't of importance in some way. In Jacob either like 2 or 3... It says something like how difficult it was thousands of years ago to write on the plates of gold...we know that it took a lot of effort to engrave their writings. So literally everything, every story is important, if they felt it was that important to engrave. 

We also were talking about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and how perfectly planned out the timing was of the Gospel coming back to the earth. It really is amazing to think about all the preparations the Lord was making for the world to be ready for Revelation on the earth again. And then I found this awesome scripture in Mormon 8:16 ... that whole chapter is really good. Go read it if you can! haha...It talks about how the world wouldn't be in darkness forever and that the Word of God would be brought back onto the earth through the power of God.. so yeah. basically.. its been just an awesome week of building my testimony on all of that.
OK i am done for today. I love you all soooooooooooo much. I miss you TONS. But it's great here. We go to the tienda and get snacks when we need them.. but its all Mexican stuff haha. They have these mango ice cream bars that are to DIE for :)

Talk to you again soon. 
Hermana Weller

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