Thursday, December 19, 2013

This week's photo is of all the sisters in the zone she's been in...but half of them have left already to missions like Ecuador, Peru, etc....Raini says they just got a group of new sisters in this week to replace those...and now she's teaching them how to teach. On the downhill of MTC time already!!

Here is her letter this week:

Hola familia y amigos!
este semana estaba muy bien..that means, "this week was really good" my spanish continues to really improve! I am get kinda stuck with some phrases though because the new things we have learned are things i havent ever learned in school before.. and so i dont think to use them while i am teaching yet. But honestly teaching is getting so much easier.. its great! We have no problem going and teaching someone the first lesson. And the other day we had to first be taught and then switch roles and teach these sisters that are only a week behind us. Sad thing is they literally cant say anything in spanish. It was bad. I felt horrible for them! They didnt know anything when they got here. Glad i took spanish and have a foundation at least..
So we got called to be the sister leaders for the zone because we just got a new district last night! There are 4 new girls.. so awesome. They all seem fun and nice but we havent really gotten to know them all that well yet. One of them is from Tucson though! and she says she has seen me at the institute at some point haha. hermana dunne is her name. But idk really much about her ha. So anyways about getting that leadership calling-- i have realized i need to step up my game cause this week is the first time I feel like I'm getting a little sick of the MTC...cause I want to get out into the field having this leadership opportunity helps me feel more like I have stuff to learn still before I get out there for real!! But, every day is pretty much the same.. we teach like 3 times a day.. we practice spanish and we do personal study go to some devotionals some nights.. it just gets boring at times. But I realized that I really dont want to waste any time I have here in the MTC... because when i get out to the field in a couple weeks.. I want to be able to speak well and be able to have a firm testimony in everything I am teaching!! 
So. Two things that influenced my realization that I need to be better and work even harder this next couple weeks-- 1. hermana miller gave a district devotional the other night and it was about service. We all went around and shared an experience we have had with serving others.. it was really good. and then she assigned each companionship a different companionship to do service for this next week.. and to get a little gift for christmas haha..hand-made! then after that we all picked out of a hat one of the Christ like attributes from preach my gospel and we are all supposed to work on that this next week.. I got "diligence" ha. so i have been trying to just shut out all distractions and diligently study when i need to. 2. being called as the sister leader for the zone (even though we were the only district in our zone for the past 3 days hahah) I just know I need to be the best example for the new girls as possible and I just realized how close it is coming that i am going to be gone from here.. craziness. 
Oh my goodness!! ok the other night it was the coolest thing and probably the most fun thing we have done since we have been here haha. We got to go to this mexican cultural celebration. Its some kind of traditional thing they do here in mexico to celebrate christmas. but i didnt see the correlation of christmas with it until joseph and mary came out with the baby.. It was just super fun and crazy.. tons of dancing and music and cheering and it was just so much fun. they beat a piƱata at the very end and threw it out into the crowd haha so we got some mexican candy! After that i was just like so amped and excited and happy it was christmas time haha!! 
which leads me to the next amazing thing that we did this week.. I taught everyone how to make LEGIT snowflakes and we put them all over our door of our district room. Its so funny because anyone who comes in we ask which one they like the best and so far its between me and elder favero for the win.. all the elders have had fun with it so its pretty great. We also decorated the last white board in our classroom and every day we slide the other ones over it so our teachers cant see it because we dont want them to erase it because before we moved into this new classroom we decorated the other one and it got erased;( so i wrote at the bottom of the board "no borrar. o muerte" hahahah..that means "don't erase..or death" so i think it has really discouraged people erasing it. haha
hmmm.. lets see. I cant really think of anything else that happened this week. It was all good.... i have pictures of stuff to send but i cant find my cord!! ugh! of course haha. 
I am so excited because i am in charge of the district devotional on christmas eve so i am going to do our family tradition of reading luke 2 and do a little testimony meeting.. any ideas of other good stuff i can do? i want it to be good.. 
So every district passes the frisbee down a few days before they leave for the field to the next "frisbee lord" and they do a "ceremony" and so it was HILARIOUS because they did the little shark bate who-ha-ha thing from finding nemo. Our district leader got deemed frisbee lord and we are already planning our ceremony for the next district haha! its gonna be great. BTW. my ankle is feeling good. Its pretty bruised.. like my entire ankle and foot are purplish, but its way less swollen and i am starting to play sports again. So it is good. 
Well.. I love you all very much. I miss you all lots and I hope you are having a good time getting ready for the holidays. I will get to call home and talk while I am in the airport for my layover so make sure you are all prepped for that cuz its gonna be great. and it will be another 6 months until i get to talk to you again.. 
anyways. I love you again!!!!!!! 
talk to you later
hermana weller

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