Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Last Few Days!

Tomorrow is my farewell. It is finally starting to set in that this is real. I am LEAVING! Its hard to believe that after waiting this long to go, its finally here haha..
Recently I have just been so excited to go. For a while I was extremely nervous about going, and those feelings recently have been replaced with more excitement than nerves. I went to Tucson a few weekends ago and I got to see my old friends! It was amazing to see one of my very good friends there who joined the church last year and see her progressing more and more in the gospel. To see her so happy still going to church and now she is bringing other people into the church and helping them improve their lives solidified why I am going on a mission. Its contagious. Once you know how wonderful it is to know where you are going after this life, where you came from, and why we are here.. then how we actually CAN return to live with our Heavenly Father through our Savior Jesus Christ.. it changes your life. and you want to share it with everyone. And that's where I am at right now.
I am pretty nervous about my talk tomorrow but I am going to rely on the spirit a lot haha. Then I probably wont post on here again before I head out on Wednesday so my mom will then have to take over the posts on here with my weekly emails.
I am extremely grateful for everything that I have been blessed with leading up to my mission.. a great job, good friends, and having time to spend with my family. I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for me and to meet the wonderful people in North Carolina who have been prepared and are eager to learn more about the plan God has for them.

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