Thursday, August 22, 2013

90 Days

Well today is the first day I am documenting anything about my mission onto my blog for anyone who wants to read it! It is 90 days until I am reporting to the Mexico MTC. Thats just crazy to think! Which.. I am a bit nervous about the whole Mexico thing.. not even because of safety or anything or even scared about learning the language as much as I am scared for the food! I haven't been hearing the best things about it down there. Bean burros, here we go. 
If you haven't seen my youtube video of me opening up my mission call to Raleigh North Carolina go ahead and check it out. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement and the spirit was strong that it all came out at once in tears! I know that this is the place where I am truly supposed to be for the next 18 months. I know that my Heavenly Father wanted me to leave as soon as I could because that was my desire. Leaving just a few days after my birthday is such a blessing. It is going to be hard to not be home for thanksgiving or christmas but I am so excited. It is all going to be worth it! 
Well stay tuned and I will try and update this before I leave. Once I have left, my mom will post my weekly letters for y'all (starting to get my southern accent already) to read.

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